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Everyone hates on Kane without even looking at how great he once was. He's the only person in WWE history to have over 1000 matches and is in his mid 40's. If any man wrestled as frequently as him they would also have some bad ones.

He won the best match in Raw history, the 2002 tag team TLC.
He eliminated 11 guys in the 2001 Royal Ruble and preformed great.
He had the best match of 2012 in the TLC.
His Ambulance match with John Cena was amazing.
His whole run as Hardcore Champion was amazing.
He had the great match with Y2J back in 2001.
He had a ton of 5 star matches when teaming with X-Pac and RVD.
He cuts good promos, it's the material they give him that sucks.

You can't hate Kane cause he's a past his prime old man with a silly flame on his tights. If he came back for one match each year they would all be classics. His debut attire would just be a bonus.
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