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Seriously. If theres no Chamber, what is the point? Wouldn't it have been sweet to see Rusev make Cena pass out at Mania? Nah. Let's do it at a B PPV in Memphis, and spoil that Cena gets his revenge at Mania. I'm assuming Dustin isn't going to beat Cody 2 times in a row, and Ambrose is obviously going over Barrett.

So you've created rematchamania, spoiled about half the WM card, and for what? For some B PPV in Memphis? I could see doing it when there was no Network, the domestic buys would bring in money. But with the network, why? Whats the point?

If you're that hard up to do some kind of Special, do some 3 hour WWE vs. The World network exclusive thing or something. I mean really.
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