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If I took over WWE

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This is what I would like to see at the PPV after Backlash.

Champs after Backlash
HHH- Heavyweight (Raw)
Brock Lesnar- Heavyweight (Smackdown)
Dudley Boyz- Tag (Raw)
Los Guerreros- Tag (Smackdown)
Jazz- Women's
Rey Mysterio- Cruiserweight


Goldberg v. Rhyno
Diesel & HBK v. Y2J & Christian
Jazz v. Trish- Women's
Mysterio v. Shannon Moore- Cruiserweight
Dudleys v. Regal & Storm- Tag (Raw)
Los Guerreros v. APA- Tag (Smackdown)
HHH v. RVD- Heavyweight (Raw)
Lesnar v. Benoit- Heavyweight (Smackdown)

Goldberg v. Rhyno
This match was set up when Goldberg went to Smackdown to start his program with Hogan. He was out in the ring and Rhyno came up behind him and Gored him. The match was full of power moves each men traded gores and spears all night.
Winner: Goldberg

Diesel & HBK v. Y2J & Christian
Diesel came back a couple of weeks after Wrestlemania and immediately joined sides with HBK. He challenged Y2J to a match and just pounded him into the mat. Y2J wanted revenge on both Diesel & HBK so he set up to this match with himself and Christian against his two enemies. The match was fast paced. A lot of high flying action between Y2J and HBK and a lot of power from Diesel. Match ends with a chair to the back and a Lionsault.
Winners: Y2J and Christian

Jazz v. Trish
Trish wanted revenge on Jazz for taking her title. The match was a very acrobatic match. Both women just flowed in the ring.
Winner: Jazz (Retains title)

Mysterio v. Shannon Moore
Moore turned on Matt Hardy at Backlash to give Mysterio the belt. Then he comes out and says that he did it because he thinks that he had a better chance at beating Mysterio than Hardy for the belt. Match was very quick paced and high flying.
Winner: Mysterio (Retains title)

Dudleys v. Storm & Regal
Regal returned to the WWE after Backlash and said that himself and his tag partner wanted to get their titles back. He stated that they never really lost the titles in a match so they said that they deserved to get them back. The Dudleys had no problem with that. They said that they'd gladly kick their asses. The match was like any other Dudley tag match. Chants of "We want tables" went on all night long. Then Buh Buh sent D'von to get the tables. When that happened Buh Buh slipped on brass knucks. When D'von came back into the ring Buh Buh nailed him with the brass knucks and sent him through the table.
Winners: Regal & Storm (New Tag Champs)

Los Guerreros v. APA
The APA came back with a vengence after Backlash. They said that they were going to kick ass and take name, reminding the crowd that APA stood for "Always Pounding Ass." Their first victims were going to be the tag champs. Los Guerreros were afraid to fight these men but accepted their challenge. In the match they proved their shirts right by the APA kicking Los Guerreros' asses all over the ring and Los Guerreros Cheat to Win by bringing in the titles and knocking out the APA.
Winners: APA via DQ (Guerreros retain titles)

RVD said that he was kind of relieved that him and Kane had lost the tag titles. That allowed him to focus more on his more coveted prize, the World Heavyweight Championship. RVD challenged HHH to a Heavyweight title match which he accepted after a lot of thinking. The match was a battle for the ages. RVD was quick and high flying. HHH relied on his power but his power was not enough for the 5 Star Frog Splash
Winner: RVD (New World Champ)

Lesnar v. Benoit
A rematch from Backlash. Benoit said that he was robbed and wanted a rematch. This match was just like all of the matches between Angle and Benoit. Excellent match to end the show with. Then Lesnar got hit, Crippler Crossface. He couldn't get out of it so he was forced to submit.
Winner: Benoit (New WWE Champ)
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To answer Kevin's question, The Rock and Austin are gone at this point and I just didn't have a place to put Taker on the show. And to reply to the others, I'd like to say thank you for your input. I know that I should have focused more on the show, but I wanted to make sure you guys knew why the matches were set up. I'll try to do better next time
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