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IDK why people Saying R-truth Sucked as a Face

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how was he so over with the crowd then? anyway im happy with the turn r-truth was getting stale as a face he was a face for what 3 years(2008).
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His song & catchphrase was over with the crowd, not him.
He made the song and the catch phrase. That means he got himself over as a face, despite being jobbed out every week. Most people can't survive being buried like he's been. But he can.

Truth is okay as a face. Not great, not main event, but fine for what he was.
Remove the song & the catchphrase and he had nothing. Nothing.

That is what made him over.
Doesn't matter. The fact remains, he got himself over by creating his own song and catch phrase. Despite being a jobber, he got himself over. What other face gets jobbed out as much as him and gets even half the reaction he gets every week?

Evan Bourne? Daniel Bryan? Trent Baretta? DH Smith? Yoshi Tatsu? JTG? No. Truth doesn't even get Superstars wins like Masters, or random squashes like Mark Henry. He gets nothing. Nothing.

So of course he's not as over as someone like Morrison. Its because Truth almost never wins. When he did win last week, the crowd got behind him.
Evan Bourne is over.
Evan Bourne was over. And you skipped over the rest of my point.
1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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