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Idea: Hardcore Hardy

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For anyone who doesn't know, I was a massive fan of Raven and the 'Raven Rules' match back in the day. Thinking back, I never realized how much of an amazing idea it was. You have a bunch of ECW talent debuting, but WCW didn't play away from their strengths and just let em wrestle. They kept their creativity and flow of a match similar to that of ECW, all with the Raven Rules match.

When I look at Hardy today, I can't stand the thought of him trying to put on a one vs one match without capitalizing on his major strength, 'improvisation'. We all know he has a massive fan following, but his in ring work lately hasn't been all that flash (compared to previous years).

I'm not asking he go out from the start of the bell, and just go straight for a steel chair. Raven's major strength also was to use the chair in patches, and then save the 'extreme' match til a PPV or blow off match. If he could be the old creative, spot like Hardy, I think people would be more interested in his in ring work.

What do you all think? Could it work, or am I on my own?
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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