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Idea for a CM Punk - Cena Feud.

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Right, this may or may not be a long post full of crap, so brace yourselves!

It all starts with Punk coming out and doing a promo:

"John, remember what I said last year in my so-called 'promo heard around the world'? I don't hate you, but I hate the idea that you're the best. Now, initially I argued against this when people pointed it out to me on twitter but despite me being 'the man' - the WWE champion, you're still last on the card, the main event. And I'm pretty much sick of it now and feel I should no longer have to prove that it is infact ME that is 'the man' now! I haven't lost a pay per view match in a very long time, yet the 'main eventer' has a less than impressive record!"

Cena's music hits:

*insert hustle loyalty respect, i <3 the fans, never give up. LOOOOOSER*

arguments and various build up matches over a few weeks

Punk & Cena face to face in the ring:

"The way I see it there's only room for one of us to be 'the man' in this business and it's sure as hell gonna be me. So here's what I propose... You and me, *next ppv*, in a Last Man Standing (or Iron Man) match! *crowd goes nuts* But here's the stipulation! The loser of this match must leave RAW! Not forever, as I said I actually like you, just long enough for the other guy to be cemented as the main eventer. Loser leaves RAW for 3 months.

*Punk wins the match*

*Punk goes back to being a crowd favourite over the next 3 months*

*Cena returns, finally the heel turn begins, he's bitter over the fans sticking with punk, he feels abandoned by his loyal fans*

*cuts a typical heel promo, getting the casuals to hate him easily, men start cheering him as the long awaited heel turn has finally happened*

"Oh now you cheer for me? Well screw you guys! I had to put up with your crap for the best part of 10 years!

*Leads to any PPV match of your choosing, haven't thought this far ahead yet*

Obviously my promo's will be better written, but you guys get the idea I think. Personally I think this would be a good idea for a feud between these guys as it has the added buildup of Punk's shoot promo, and feeds off the Rock vs Cena hype.

Let me know what you guys think :p
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I would rather see everybody mocking Punk by saying that he has becoming what he hates,he has becoming John Cena ... but still not as big as him.He is just a poor version of Cena and he would be piss off and so,he wants to destroy Cena to show that he is better than Cena and that he is not like John Cena

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It's a good idea but it would just feel like a letdown since they missed two perfect opportunities in turning Cena heel (Against the Rock and against Punk last year when he was red hot) it would need to be a feud on the same level as those two feuds, otherwise I feel it would be a waste after getting a glimpse of how epic and perfect it would have been during those two feuds.
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