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Idea about Corporate Kane

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What if Kane is just pretending to help Triple H so that in the end he can betray HHH and help Daniel Bryan win because they were former tag team partners and stuff?

I mean imagine this, Daniel Bryan enters 1 at the Royal Rumble and after surviving the hordes of superstars going after him, Triple H enters at 30. HHH enters with the Shield/Orton/HBK/Kane and they go after Bryan, but then suddenly Kane chokeslams HHH and he and Daniel Bryan fend off the rest, then throw HHH over the top rope. They then celebrate at the end with YES chants and stuff.

Then for Elimination Chamber, we have Corporate DX (HHH and HBK) fight Team Hell No, with THN winning.

Then finally at Wrestlemania we can have Daniel Bryan vs Orton/Punk/Cena/Lesnar for the WWE championship and Daniel Bryan finally wins.
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That's actually not a bad idea. The things i like about your idea:

- Kane being in cahoot to help his friend Bryan
- Byran winning the rumble to main event, and finally win the title at mania
- LOVE the tag-team main event at Elimination Chamber

Things I don't like:

- HBK wrestling at elimination chamber. Just not gonna happen. But it can easily be HHH + someone else. Maybe Orton
- The shenanigans in the royal rumble match. Especially leading to the end of it. I'd like to see Kane with his turn elsewhere, or at least not at the end of the Rumble match. Bryan should win clean.The royal rumble is sacred, no cheating that way, it cheapens it.

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Bryan entering at 30 and winning would be way too contrived. It's also the kind of storyline which only makes sense if they planned on making DB a huge star for years to come- something we all, I'm sure, highy doubt they would even consider.

Bryan VS The Authority looked like the beginning of a new "era," but has already started to look like just another throwaway storyline like the shameful/stupid walkout story or the promising Punk worked shoot/title unification stretch of wrestling history that they effectively attached an anchor to.

What makes these especially frustrating is that they tease the notion that REAL CHANGES will come to the product we are watching and turn out to be just another holdover angle to last ~ 3 ppvs (hmm, a fiscal quarter. Maybe that isn't a coincidence-I wonder how these angle stoppages correlate to WWE's fiscal calendar) never to be mentioned again.

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