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This is a new company that I have created. History behind the company. Vince McMahon fires Eric Bischoff and Shane agrees to fund a new company with Eric Bischoff running it.


Owner of ICWF - Shane McMahon
President of ICWF - Eric Bischoff

Hulk Hogan with Jimmy Hart
Ric Flair
Randy Savage with GG
Rowdy Roddy Piper

Kevin Nash
Sid Vicous
Brock Lesner
Undertaker with Uncle Paul
Kane with Uncle Paul

Scot Hall with Dusty Rhodes
Diamond Dallas Paige with Kimberly
Jeff Jarrett
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Billy Gunn with Tylne Buck

Edge & Christien
Scot Stiener & Buff Bagwell with Madaja
Jinjrack & O'Haire
Booker T & Stevie Ray

Justin Creddible
X Pac
Tommy Dreamer
Crash Holly
Hardcore Holly
Mick Foley with Uncle Paul

David Flair
Sean Stasiak


Heavyweight Championship
World Championship
Tag Team Championships
International Championship
Hardcore Championship
North American Championship


Tony Schevoni
Bobby the Brain Heenan
Mean Gene Okerlund
Jesse the Body Ventura

Television Series:

ICWF Saturday Night

Pay Per Views:

Lord of the Ring - February
Spring Feaver - April
Clash of the Champions - June
Lethal Injection - August
War Games - October
Starrcade - December

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Before I go one I have to make some changes...

Sting and Mike Awesome are added to the roster...

I will not be introducing the North American Championship, at least not right now!

The First Show...
Live from Hollywood California

Tony Schevoni and Bobby Heenan welcome everybody to ICWF Saturday Night. Eric Bischoff comes down to the ring and grabs a microphone.

Welcome everybody to ICWF Saturday Night. This is where the action is. Right here tonight, as we gear up for the Clash of the Champions, You will be treated to 5 championship tournament matches. For the Heavyweight Championship of the World, Hulk Hogan will wrestle the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Brock Lesner and Sid Vicous will meet for the International Wrestling Heavyweight Championship in tonight's main event. Scot Stiener and Buff Bagwell will team up to go on the Tag Team Title hunt against Edge and Christien. Hardcore is back in ICWF with Mike Awesome and Tommy Dreamer heading one on one in the opening hardcore match. I can't wait for this one either. Chris Benoit, Billy Gunn, and Jeff Jarret will all wrestle in a three way elimination match to find out who will go on in the International Championship Tournament. Around here, anything goes because I'm the boss. Welcome to the new blood of wrestling where Tradition meets the future. Thank You!

Tonight's inagural Saturday Night looks like it will be a very memorable one.
That's right and I have a feeling that this is going to be the start of a whole new evolution in wrestling.
Let's go to our opening contest...

Match 1:
Tag Team Championship Tournament Match
Scot Stiener/Buff Bagwell (w. Madajia) vs Edge/Christien
Stiener and Christien started off the match. Poppa Pump over powered Christien with a seires of belly to back suplexes, follwed by a bear hug. When Christien finally got out of the Bear hug he crawled over and tagged Edge. Edge ran over Stiener with a clotheline and continued to exchange blows from Bagwell to Stiener. As his momentum was growing, the fans were going crazy for Edge. Edge DDT'd Stiener and went for the cover when Bagwell hit him with a chair. The Referee rang the bell when Bischoff came out.
"I do not allow Disqualifications in Tournament matches. A person can only win by pinfall, countout, or submission. So the match continues."
As Bischoff announced that Bagwell was tagged in. Buff whipped Edge into the turnbuckle and did a running clothesline. Christien tried to get involved when Madajia grabbed his leg and pulled him off the ring mat, Christien chased madajia around the ring when Stiener hit him from behind with a chairshot to the skull. Edge made a quick escape and went to tag Christien when he found his partner on the ground. Bagwell went to the middle rope and delivered a Buff Blockbuster to Edge.
WINNERS- Scot Stiener and Buff Bagwell (w. Madajia)


A Limosine pulls up and out steps the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Dressed in his suit, he proceeds into the arena.

The 16 Time Heavyweight Champion of the World has arrived in Hollywood.
Tonight, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan will wrestle each other for a spot in the finals for the Heavyweight Championship.
I hope Flair beats that Chump.



Chris Benoit walks into Flair's lockeroom along with Ric's son David following behind.

Match 2:
Hardcore Championship Tournament Match
Mike Awesome vs Tommy Dreamer
The former ECW Champion and WCW Hardcore Champion powered over Tommy Dreamer, but dreamer would fight back with his singapore cane. Cracking it over Awesome's head. They continued the fight to the backstage area with garbage cans and chairs being thrown around from one superstar to another. Dreamer set up a table and laid Awesome down on it. Tommy than set up a ladder, climbed to the top and soared in the air. Mike rolled of the table as Dreamer went right through. Awesome got back up and through Dreamer into the ladder. After setting Dreamer inbetween the ladder, Awesome than laid across the ladder for the cover. 1..2..kick out. Awesome became fustrated and continued to fight Dreamer around the building and into the stairwell. Mike Awesome kicked Dreamer in the stomach and delivered a Powerbomb down the stairs, then proceeded down the stairs to pin Dreamer.
WINNER- Mike Awesome


Benoit and David Flair both left Naitchs' lockeroom and headed their separate ways.


After the break we are shown footage of Dreamer getting stitched up after getting thrown head first down the stairs.

Interview area...

Mean Gene introduced Hulk Hogan as the greatest to ever hold the Heavyweight Championship of the World.

Mean Gene:
Hulk Hogan, tonight I have the esteem pleasure of having your first interview since joining ICWF. Tonight my friend you will wrestle another man who is no stranger to the Championship scene...Nature Boy Ric Flair...
Well you know brother... tonight Hulkamania is back. Vince McMahon tried to force Hulkamania to go into hiding but that will never happen. Hulkamania is not ready to die just yet, and tonight Ric Flair, what'ch ya gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you!!!!!!!!!!
Mean Gene:
What the hell are you doing here?
Eric Bischoff:
Just give me a minute Gene, Hulk I just want you to know that if you don't entertain me within the next couple of weeks, I will do the same thing I do to everybody else who fails to entertain. I'll fire your ass. So You know what you have to do!
Hulk Hogan:
Eric, I am here for all my Hulkamaniacs and you will not be able to get rid of me even if you try because I signed a contract with your boss...Shane McMahon, who stated in writing that my contract is over on my terms and nobody elses'. So What'ch ya gonna do when Hulkamania brings raitings to you .... dude!!!!
Mean Gene:
Well Tony, Bobby, lets get back to you!
Thank you Gene, let's head back to the next contest.

Match 3:
International Championship Tournament Match
Billy Gunn vs Jeff Jarrett vs Chris Benoit
The three superstars who are no strangers to the championship scene started the match on a pretty equal ground. Jeff Jarrett got his guitar out and was about to hit Benoit over the head with it when the Referee took it away from him and instead of putting it down, the ref smashed it against the ringpost. Jarrett got angree and was going to beat up the ref when Billy Gunn rolled him up for the pin. When Jarrett was eliminated he went after Gunn but was taken to the back by security. It was now down to Gunn and Benoit. They exchanged blows when Gunn got the upper hand. The match looked to be in Billy Gunn's favour when out of no where, the young David Flair raced to the ring and distracted the referee while his old man hit Gunn in the back of the head with a chair. Benoit was laid ontop of Billy and the referee counted the pin.
WINNER- The Crippler Chris Benoit

After the match Ric, David, and Benoit all celebrated inside the ring.

Could this be the rebirth of what I think it is?
I don't know what is up all I know is that these three have a history together.
We'll only have to wait and see.


Interview Room...

Jesse Ventura interviewed Ric Flair, David Flair and Chris Benoit

Ric Flair, we just witnessed you, David Flair, and Chris Benoit join forces and put Billy Gunn out of the Championship race for the time being. Can you explain this?
WOOOOOOOOO! Jesse The Body Ventura, tonight the alliance has been formed. Chris, David, and Myself are just three members of....The Apocalypse....WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
The Apocalypse?
Yes, we have had the 4 Horsemen of WCW but the Apocalypse is the next evolution of Wrestling. WOOOOOOOO!
Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question and good luck tonight against that Chump Hulk Hogan. Let's go back to the ring...

ICWF office...

Hulk walks into the office and approaches Bischoff's desk.

How can I help you Hulk?
Eric, I would like to ask that tonight in the Flair/Hogan match that you banned all from the ring?
Awww, Hulk, you know that I would like to help you out but that would take all the fun away from tonight's match when there is NO DISQUALIFICATION!!!!!!!!!!!!
You're an SOB Eric... an SOB
Hogan storms out of the office as Eric laughs evilly


Match 4:
Heavyweight Championship of the World Tournament Match
Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair
Hogan and Flair stare eachother down as the fans chanted "Hogan Hogan Hogan" repeatedly. Finally after a minute or so of chanting the two men engaged in a test of strength. Hogan starts to use his weight over Flair but the Nature Boy once again continued to show that he is still a dirty player. Flair kicked Hulk in the stomach and then started to chop Hulk in the chest, backing him into the corner. Ric went mad on Hogan, punching him in the mid section, face and chopping his chest. Hogan had enough and threw Slick Ric in the corner started to retaliate back. Things looked well for the Hulkster, Flair was begging for mercy every chance he had, but Hulk wouldn't accept. Things turned though when the other two members of the Apocalypse came down and started hassling Hogan, distracting him as Flair grabbed a ball bat from under the ring and smashed him across the skull. Hogan seemed knocked out and at the mercy of the Apocalypse when out of the blue Billy Gunn ran down to the ring and battled David and Benoit again. They double teamed Gunn when Vampiro raced down to the ring and took out the young Flair. Gunn looked after Benoit, leaving Ric and Hogan alone again. Flair slapped on the figure four but Hogan powered out of it and was kicked back down. Ric pounded on the bloody skull of Hogan as the lights went out and a promo for Sting came on the Nitron Screen. When the lights came back on in the arena Hogan will Hulking up around Flair. Flair tried to stop Hulk but he countered it and delivered a big boot followed by his atomic leg drop.
WINNER- Hulk Hogan

after the match Hogan, Gunn, and Vampiro fought off the Apocalypse and were left standing in the middle of the ring.


Match 5:
International Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match
Brock Lesner vs Sid Vicous
A match of brute strength as two powerhouses collided. Brock tried to get the advantage over Sid, but Sid powered over Lesner. The younger Lesner started to show Vicous what he had to offer during the middle part of the match when he powered out of the pin only after being Powerbombed by Sid. Lesner began using some of his amature wrestling moves on Sid and finished him off with an F-5.
WINNER - Brock Lesner

After the match Sid Vicous started to go hardcore on Lesner, throwing him around the outside ring area like a rag doll. The night ended with Sid powerbombing Lesner off of the Stage area.
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