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Welcome to ICW, International Championship Wrestling. There will be two shows a week. BRITISH BULLDOG!! Will do Lightning on Mondays, and I will do Shockwave on Thursdays. I will be carrying on with WWE: Anarchy. Below are our rosters, champions and PPV calendar. I would like to point out NO MATCHES HAVE TAKEN PLACE IN THE PAST AND THE ONLY ONES THAT ARE MADE ARE THE ONES WE MAKE!

Background story

Shane McMahon was fed up of his father running WWE into the ground. So slowly he convinced superstars to join his new organisation. He also convinced superstars from other companies to join his. He created this company to try to push his father down in the ratings. He has announced the Lightning General Manager as Bret Hart. He said ‘I will announce the Shockwave General Manager on Thursday.’


April–Terminal Velocity–Lightning
May–Dead End–Shockwave
June–Dragon’s Peace–Lightning
July–Meeting Point–Joint
August–High Voltage–Shockwave
November–Fury For Freedom–Joint
December–Boiling Point–Lightning



ICW Heavyweight Champion – Kurt Angle
ICW Intercontinental Champion – Abyss
ICW Tag Team Champions – Americas Most Wanted
ICW Lightweight Champion – AJ Styles
ICW Womens Champion – Lita
General Manager – Bret Hart


AJ Styles
Chris Harris
Chris Jericho
Chris Masters
Gene Snitsky
James Storm
Jeff Hardy
John Bradshaw Layfield
John Cena
Juventud Guerrera
Kurt Angle
Mick Foley
Rey Mysterio
Ric Flair
Shannon Moore
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
The Hurricane
Triple H
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis
William Regal


Torrie Wilson
Trish Stratus


Bobby ‘The Brain’ Hennan
Michael Cole

Ring Announcer

Howard Finkel

Backstage Interviewers

Mene Gene
Shane Douglas

Tag Teams

Americas Most Wanted
Hurricane and Rosey
William Regal and Eugene



World Heavyweight Champion – Not Announced Yet
ICW Television Champion – Rikishi
World Tag Team Champions – Edge and Christian
World Extreme Champion – Not Announced Yet
World Womens Champion – Molly Holly
General Manager – Not announced yet.


Big Show
Bubba Ray Dudley
Chris Beniot
Christopher Daniels
Danny Basham
Diamond Dallas Page
Doug Basham
D-Von Dudley
Eddie Guerrero
Grand Master Sexay
Luther Reigns
Primetime Elix Skipper
Randy Orton
Rob Van Dam
Scotty 2 Hotty
Sid Vicious
Simon Dean


Molly Holly


Jim Ross

Ring Announcer

Lillian Garcia

Backstage Interviewers

Todd Grisham

Tag Teams

Basham Brothers
Dudley Boys
Edge and Christian
Maven and Simon Dean
Too Cool

The first Lightning should be up Monday!
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I will be alright. This week will be the only hard week because I am behind with school work and both shows. It should be ok as one show is on Monday and the other is Thursday.

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for everybody who doent know....even tho all of the titles have been decided the first show is going to be how they got them and ho it was all decided....that is just the storyline so that u kno......it wont interfere as we thot thtat it wud be a gd strting base. plz read the show and i would love to hear your comments :)
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Monday night lightning.
Madison Square Garden
4th April 2005

Breaking Benjamin – simple design plays as the trailer is played just before the show.

Fireworks go off around the arena and the cameras spin around in a frenzy looking at the different displays of fireworks goes off all around the arena.
It then focuses on Michael Cole and bobby ‘the brain’ heenan. On the top right hand corner of the screen appears the venue name in the middle of the ICW logo.

Cole: Welcome, ladies and gentleman to what looks to be a sold out arena at the Madison square garden, New York City! I’m Michael Cole and along side me is the man known as the weasel…none other than bobby the brain heenan!

‘Brain’: Thanks Cole. And for the record I am NOT going to be called a weasel by a hamenegger like you!

shanes music starts

‘Brain’: I wonder what this idiot wants.

Shane enters the ring through the middle rope and begins strutting around the ring with a mischievous smirk on his face. He signals to the fink to pass him a microphone. As he puts the microphone to his mouth the crowd begin to chant the name VINCE.

Shane: Ladies and gentleman welcome to the first ever show of ICW! This is Monday night lightning baby!

There is a large roar from the crowd

Shane: As you all know, I own this company. I have only 2 goals with this whole show. Number 1 is to please my audience

Crowd begins to cheer again but this time shouting; ‘Shane o Mac’

Shane: And number 2 is to beat my father! You see I am sick and tired of everybody saying what a great man he is and how his company is sooo great. Well let me tell you something. My dad is nothing but a cheap scum! I will bury his company and I will get the ratings! Although to make this happen I need to get a general manager. Now the man I have picked has a big amount of knowledge on the business. He has won numerous title belts. And he has done the 1 thing that I have wanted to do for so many years…. He spat in the face of my father! He is your favourite guy to wear pink and he is going to take this company to the next level. This man is the one and the only…BRET ‘THE HITMAN’HART!!!

Cole: Bret hart??

Brain: Bret Hart? Oh boy…

The capacity crowd erupts at the sound of his voice being mentioned.
His music starts playing, and he makes his way towards the ring pausing every so often to take in the atmosphere of the jam-packed arena.

He enters the ring and taunts. He then looks in the centre of the ring and holds his hand out for a handshake which is then followed by a complimentary hug. The microphone is then given to ‘the hit man’.

Bret: … …….um….

He pauses as the crowds cheering of his name begin to get louder and louder.

Bret: This is Monday night lightning, and I tell you what folks you do not only have the excellences of execution but you have the best damn roster the business has ever seen! Let me introduce you to the superstars on my roster. We have…

The theme tune to lightning begins and the superstars begin to enter the ring to their voice being called.

Bret: Abyss, AJ styles, akio, Batista, Chris Harris, Chris Jericho, Chris masters, Doug Williams, Eugene, gene snitskey, James storm, Jeff hardy, jbl, juvientud Guerra, Kurt angel, mic Foley, psychosis, rey mysterio, Ric flair, rosey, Shawn Michaels, Shelton Benjamin, tageri, the hurricane, triple H, Tyson tomko, Val Venus, William regal. Also 3 lovely divas…torrie Wilson, lita and Trish startus!!

Crowd give another huge cheer.

Bret: As this is a new show every title we have will be up for grabs TONIGHT!

Crowd cheers with excitement again.

Bret: I will now hand you over to the best announcers the business has ever seen. He is ‘the fink’ Howard Finkel!!

The crowd cheer even louder AS Howard finkel enters the ring and holds out his hand for a complimentary handshake.
Bret shakes his hand and then hugs him through friendship.

Bret: Now I want all of you guys to enjoy this show as I pass you over to ‘the fink’.
Bret leaves the ring and up the ramp to the backstage area where the fink Howard finkel enter with the microphone in his hand ready to make an announcement.

The fink: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Monday night lightning! This match is scheduled for 1 fall. It is to be a singles match with no time limit.

Akios music starts.

The fink: Coming down the isle standing at 5ft 9 and weighing in at 185 pounds…AKIO!!

A mixed reaction from the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. Suddenly AJ STYLES music starts playing and the arena darkens slightly.

The fink: Now coming down to the ring at a height of 6ft …AJ styles!!

Cole: AJ STYLES brain?!

Brain: Looks like old hitman knows how to throw a party!

Cole: Wow!

After a j styles has entered the ring, the bell sounds for the start of the match.

Match 1 – Lightweight title match between rey mysterio and akio.

Match review

At the start of the match the 2 of them tie up and begin a lot of chain wrestling sequences all general close to the mat. After each of them try to catch each other numerous of times without succeeding, Akio is quick top get the cheap shot in with a quick eye rake which is quickly followed with multiple midsection kicks. A winded AJ gets thrown to the rope and on the return is met by the roundhouse kick of Akio meeting his face. Styles hit the mat hard and the camera shows his head bouncing off of the canvas. Akio then begins to stomp on his open body. Akio picks styles up and throws him to the ropes misses with a clothesline and again on the return. AJ then leaps in the air for a cross body and connect. Akio goes down but is quick to his feet again. Styles give akio a dropkick to the upper torso. Akio gets up quickly again and tries with a running clothesline but AJ ducks the clothesline and trips him up last minute to see akio resting on the second rope. AJ taunts and then delivers the styles clash after picking the dazed akio up with evrything he has got, leaving akio staggered and AJ getting the 1…2…3.

Match length=8 minutes
Winner=AJ styles.

Cole: wow! What do you make of that 1 then brain? That was a great display of athletic ability by both superstars!

Brain: Maybe so but I have seen a better crowd reaction when gorilla monsoon came down in his spandex! The right guy did not win! Justice did not serve! I think a rematch is in order! Where the hell s hart…. where is he?!

Backstage is the team of hurricane and rosey, so mene gene goes to try and get a quick word.

Mene gene: I am here with the 2 superheroes, the hurricane and alongside him his partner rosey. So guys, what can you see as your chances of success tonight?

Hurricane: Success? I’m sorry mene gene but success is inevitable! They call themselves Americas most wanted, well they are on our hit list and their picture is right on our bulls eye mene gene. We are going to be doing a favour for all of our super hero friends. We will eliminate Americas most wanted leaving none of those villains left to wrestle, And we will get the tag belts! Now c’mon!

Mene gene: Well there you have it folks. Tough words from the heroes and AMW better watch their backs.

Goes back to the ring area where the fink is about to call the match.

The fink: Ladies and gentlemen this next bout is scheduled for 1 fall and is for the ICW world tag team championship.

The hurricane and roseys music starts to a cheer from the crowd.

The fink: Coming down to the isle with a combined weight of 540 pounds, they are the super heroes that call themselves the hurricane and rosey!!

They enter the ring taunting all the way down the isle.

The fink: Now entering the ring with a combined weight of 461 pounds. Chris Harris, James storm, Americas Most Wanted!!

Crowd go mad as they taunt and make their way to the ring.

After they enter they go in to a stand off. The ref gets it organised and make 1 person from each team start. With that done the match begins.

At the start of the match Chris Harris and hurricane start off for each team and make their way to the centre of the ringAnd begin a small stand off where hurricane ends up pulling the short straw. He is shoved to the ground and then pummelled on by the now very aggravated Chris Harris. After continually stamping on the hurricane he gestures to the crowd and picks him up by the hair. He takes him over to the AMW corner to make a quick tag to James storm. Storm quickly takes control with a headlock. From the headlock hurricane manages to break out and shove James storm to the ropes, for an impressive flying forearm. Rosey is desperately waiting for the tag as the injured hurricane crawls his way slowly to his corner. In a burst of adrenaline, hurricane manages to scrape a tag as too does James storm, leaving Chris Harris to take on the pumped rosey. Rosey is swinging left and rights, connecting with most of them. James storm re enters into the ring only to get a beating. In desperation, James storm lets fly with his devastating super kick inevitably resulting in rosey hitting the mat hard. They do not go for the pin however. As hurricane runs in to try nailing a well executed cross body, he is caught in mid air by Chris Harris, who quickly puts the catatonic into practice. With that devastating move they manage to get the 1….2….3 for a comfortable victory.

Match length: 13 minutes

Match 2 – Tag team title match between AMW and hurricane and rosey.

Match review
Winners: AMW.

Cole: Another shocker there brain but surely the better guys came out on top?!

Brain; Oh yes Cole, definitely a good match, good reaction from the crowd. That match has just proven why they are called the best entertainers in the world.

The camera goes back to the general manager’s office, with the camera placed directly on Bret harts face.

Bret: Look I understand your anger but I can’t have a two on one match for one title! C’mon this is ICW not that crappy little WWE.

The camera then moves swiftly along the floor and then moves up a body…it is Lita’s body.

Lita: Look Bret, I want her ass and I want her ass bad! I don’t care I want it to be unfair and I want her to suffer! This cocky arrogant b***ch has been running her mouth all night and I am sick to death of her…come to think about it…. I WANT THE DEATH OF HER!!

Bret: Now look I can see what you are saying but it just isn’t going to happen. I’m sorry, but this is one thing you are going to have to do yourself. Now hurry up your up next!

The camera zooms into a ‘focused’ Lita who is making sure her joints are loose as she cracks her knuckles.

The camera then goes back to the ring locking the camera on the fink as he prepares to announce the next match.

The Fink: The following match up is scheduled for 1 fall! Coming down the isle at a weight of 135lbs and at a height of 5ft 7inch…LITA!!

The fink: Now coming down to the ring at a height of 5ft 5ich and at a weight of 125lbs…Trish Stratus!

The crowd give an unwelcoming welcome to Trish as she is pointing at herself all the way down to the ring signalling that she is greatness.

After Trish has entered the ring the ref is holding Lita back as she desperately tries to attack her.

Match review

After all attempts by referee earl hebfner, Lita manages to break his guard and start by an assault leaving Trish on the back foot straight away. After many kicks to the mid section, Trish is thrown to the ropes, only to be met by one of Litas devastating dropkicks. From the drop kick lita manages to get a rear arm lock on her and they begin a slow moving chain wrestling sequence. Out of nowhere Lita tries to pull off a nice hurricurana from the tie up but is swiftly reversed into a modified powerbomb leaving lita motionless on the canvas. The now aggressive Trish is on lita as quick as she can and goes straight to work with illegal pulling of the hair. Lita is then violently whipped into the turnbuckle as she attempts to set lita in the stratusfaction. Luckily for lita as Trish goes up she manages to counter the move by hanging her upside down on the turnbuckle and violently kicks he in the head. After a brutal beating, lita places Trish on her back and she begins to ascend for the top rope for the devastating moonsault. She nails the move and manages to get the 1….2….3.

Match length: 6 minutes
Winner: Lita

The camera goes to the announcer’s table where brain and Cole have a little chat about how the match has gone.

The camera goes backstage yet again and Shane Douglas is waiting there with the some what troubled abyss.

Shane Douglas: So ladies and gentleman as you can see I am with the monster abyss as he psyches himself up for probably one of the biggest matches in his career so far. So ‘big man’ what are your thoughts on this evenings match with none other than the JBL.


Abyss storms out of the camera view yelling as he does so.

Shane Douglas: As you can see a very physically prepared abyss. Now back to you guys at ringside.

Camera goes back to commentary area.

Brain: what a maniac. Someone call a doctor because that guy needs serious help. He is a freak Cole a freak I tell you. But as usual I know he will come out on top.

Cole: well brain, everyone can think what they want to think because this match is up next and I have a feeling that it’s gonna be off the hook!

The fink: This match up is for the ICW intercontinental championship belt!

Crowd cheer

THE FINK:Entering the ring at a height of 6ft 8 inch, and a weight of 350lbs. This is ‘the monster’ ABYSS!

As his music starts a mixed reaction from the crowd shortly follows.

The fink: Now entering the ring at 6ft 7inch and at a weight of 290 pounds. A self-proclaimed wrestling god…. JBL!!
As his limo comes out the crowd begin a loud chant of asshole. JBL taunts and then figuring out what the crowd are saying begins to look angry and shout at the millions.

The two of them circle the ring for a brief second before the match gets under way.

Match review

After the bell rings and JBL is still putting down his hat, Abyss is quick to take a cheap shot from behind, leaving JBL weak and open in the turnbuckle. Abyss begins to work on the left arm with various painful moves such as the hammerlock and the arm bar. Suddenly Abyss throws JBL to the ropes and attempts his signature, black hole slam, but JBL is too quick. He goes through his legs and proceeds to throw a number of punches to the skull of the monster. In a matter of minutes JBL has complete control of the match and is giving it everything he has got. He attempts the clothesline from hell, which is sure to finish it. He nails the move. The pin is then taken and the ref is quick to go for the count. 1….2….and suddenly abyss kicks out. He doesn’t get to his feet straight away but he is getting up and nothing seems to be affecting the monster Abyss. In an act of resilience, abyss picks JBL up and plants him to the floor with a modified spine buster. The injured JBL make his way up to his feet only to be picked up for the death penalty. Abyss still isn’t done. He throws JBL to the ropes and nails the black hole slam, With the delight of the crowd. He pins the shoulders to the match and the ref begins to count.1….2…..3! Abyss gets up as he is holding the new belt above his head roaring a yelling at the top of his voice.

Match length: 16 minutes
Winner: Abyss

The camera goes back stage and the crowd are met with the figure of Mene gene okerland standing next to the Olympic gold medallist Kurt Angle.

Mene gene: Tonight Kurt you face a big challenge, but eith that challenge comes a big opportunity for you. What do you feel your chances for success are tonight?

Kurt angle: You what? Look, you are looking at an Olympic gold medallist. You are looking at greatness. You are looking at Kurt Angle Mene gene! Success for me is a certainty. There are no negative feelings in gold medallist body. I am confident that I will kick Chris masters ass! Chris masters is a joke compared to me.

With that Chris masters comes into the shot of the camera and sizes up Kurt angle. He then precedes to tale the mic and put it to his mouth.

Masters: Whoa! A joke? I tell you something Angle, One of my, master locks and you will be out. One of my moves and you will be begging for mercy. You go on about greatness, well I am one better. I am a masterpiece. I am the best thing that god put on is green earth and I will show you tonight when we go one on one tonight in Madison square garden for the ICW heavyweight title.

With that masters walks out of the backstage area and the camera goes back to ringside.

Cole: Tough words there by both superstars Brain. Who do you see coming out on top tonight then?

Brain: C’mon Cole! There is no greater thing than seeing the masterpiece Chris masters set in his finisher and make the other guys pass out.

Cole: But don’t you think the angle lock is a challenge?

Brain: Definitely for a normal guy but not for a guy of the calibre of the masterpiece. no way, not a chance!

The fink: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the main event of Monday night lighning! This match up is scheduled for one fall and is for the ICW heavyweight championship belt!

The crowd have mixed reactions as the fireworks start and masters comes up and starts flexing his muscles.

The fink: Now coming down the isle weighing in at 220 pounds. Kurt Angle!

The crowd begin a cheer of you suck which has been herd so many times before. He takes his time coming down to the ring and taunts all of the way down the isle.

After getting in the ring and mouthing each other off, they get the match under way just before they begin to go for each other.

Match review

The 2 of them lock up with a lot of aggression and start the match with some basic chain wrestling, inevitably leaving masters being pulled to the mat and being held in a gut wrench position for a number of second. Masters begins to struggle and breaks his hold to put him in the headlock. From the headlock angle is thrown to the ropes to be met with the polish hammer. He then proceeds to stamp on him leaving angle in the centre of the ring. Masters then picks the dazed angle up and throws him to the ropes. He goes for the clothesline but angle duck and on the return hits masters with a clothesline of his own before fallen to his knees exhausted. Masters is quick to his feet but angle is aware and throws a few punches before taking his feet out. The angle lock is close to follow but masters reverses it only to be hit with the angle slam. He is out cold, but still angle is beating him up badly. Without warning angle locks in the angle lock onto the struggling masters. After a long struggle and unable to get top the ropes masters taps frantically, but he doesn’t let go straight away. It take the ref to get the aggressive angle of Chris masters. At the end of the match after he has let go, Angle holds the title above his head crying and yelling at the top of his voice.

Match length: 27 minutes
Winner: Kurt angle

Brain: No way! This cant be happening! The guy lost?”

Cole: Well, that was a match and a half, showing the world why this company is better than world wrestling entertainment. With that bombshell folks we have reached the end of our show for this week. Don’t forget to watch next week! Thank you and good night!

The screen goes black as the show ends for the week.

Show length: 2 hours

Attendance: 53,000


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Sorry about that...must have just been a mix up. Apart from that,(which i will try to edit) was the show any good and would you keep reading it?

there we go all edited. PLease rate the show!! It will be much appreciated!

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It wasn't a really good idea to tell us who were champions before the show as it eliminated all kind of anticipation and excitement. Besides a couple of shows it was an ok first show and i hope you keep working at it and can put up another show.

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Needs more matches and promos. Need to work on length quite a bit. The championships were awarded to people at the start. Good first show I hope you improve a great deal.

Shockwave Preview

Thursday Night Shockwave will come to you live from the sold out MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We will make History on the very first night with the SHOCKWAVE SPINNER which decides all of the match types.

We will find out who the GM is and brand new champions will be crowned.

All this and much more this Thursday Night on Shockwave

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I know it is early but here is my first SHOCKWAVE!! Enjoy!!

International Championship Wrestling Proudly Presents

MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada
7th April 2005

A huge amount of fireworks go of on stage, and then there is a huge display in the ring. The camera zooms around the sold out MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Shane McMahon’s Music Hits the speakers and the crowd erupts. A Shane O Mac chant breaks around the arena. Shane steps through the curtains and starts walking down to the ring. He gets half way and stops. He lifts up his arms with a huge smile on his face. This makes the crowd even happier. He walks the rest of the way and enters the ring.

Lillian Garcia: Making his way to the ring, the owner of ICW, Shane McMahon.

This makes Shane even happier. He walks over to Lillian and gives her a kiss. This makes her smile. He then gets a microphone and lifts it up to his mouth. As he does the crowd erupt again and Shane waits for them to quieten down.

Shane McMahon: WOW!

The crowd erupt again.

Shane McMahon: As I said on Lightning I am going to bury WWE into the ground.

The crowd start to cheer but Shane tells them to quieten down.

Shane McMahon: So tonight as we are in Las Vegas (The crowd cheers of the mention of Las Vegas) so tonight we will have a Vegas fill about it. So tonight every match type will be decided by the SHOCKWAVE SPINNER!!

The crowd go wild at the mention of this.

Shane McMahon: And we will also crown brand new champions here in ICW. But first we have to welcome the Thursday Night Announce Team. Good Old Jim Ross and Tazz.

The crowd go crazy as Jim Ross’s Music Hits. They both enter together and wave to the fans. The crowd break out into a JR chant. Jim Ross and Tazz sit down at the announce table at ringside.

JR: Welcome back Tazz.

Tazz: It is great to be back announcing on Thursday nights.

JR: And what a night we are going to have.

Shane McMahon: Well now we are sorted out with the commentators we now need to sort out the matches. So let’s kick of with a Womens Title match. It will be a triple threat match between Victoria, Jazz and Molly Holly.

Shane McMahon leaves to a standing ovation from the crowd.

JR: What a match to kick things of with Tazz.

Tazz: This one is going to be of the hook.

Jazz’s Music Hits. She enters with an angry look on her face. She enters the ring and taunts at the crowd and the crowd boo.

Molly Holly’s Music Hits and she enters with an angry look on her face as well. Once again the crowd boo.

Victoria’s Music Hits and the crowd go crazy. She enters smiling. She walks down to the ring calmly before sliding into the ring.

Shane McMahon appears on the Titon Tron with the Shockwave Spinner beside him.

Shane McMahon: So let’s see what type of match this is going to be.

Shane spins the spinner and it spins many times. Cage goes past, Bra and Panties goes past, Pillow Fight goes past, and it stops on Hardcore match.

Shane McMahon: It looks like we will kick things of with a Hardcore Match.

The crowd erupt as the Titon Tron fades back to black.

1st Match
Hardcore Match
Womens Championship
Jazz vs Molly Holly vs Victoria

Match Finish - Throughout the match Jazz and Molly Holly team up doing double team moves. Jazz gets a chair and goes to hit Victoria but Victoria ducks so Jazz hits Molly Holly. Molly Holly goes flying out of the ring as Victoria hits a chick kick to Jazz. Victoria then signals for the Widow’s Peak. She does it perfectly on Jazz as Molly slides back into the ring. Victoria goes to pick Molly up but Molly throws powder into the eyes of Victoria she then hits a chair shot and pins Victoria. 1…2…3!

WINNER - Molly Holly (New Womens Champion)

Molly picks the belt up and holds it above her head as the crowd give major heat. She rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp smiling.

JR: She cheated to win that was not fair.

Tazz: JR it was a hardcore match so it was fair.

JR: Still she should not have had to use weapons to win.

Tazz: JR you are going to have a heart attack. Calm Down.

JR: It just makes me so angry that people have to cheat to win a title.

The camera goes back to Shane’s Office

Shane McMahon: Later on tonight we will have two single matches. The winner of these matches advance to the next round. We will have two more matches next week and the four winners will face of in a Hell in a Cell match. This Hell in a Cell match will take place at Dead End.

The crowd go crazy at the mention of Hell in a Cell.

Shane McMahon: On with tonight first. So next we will have a Tag Team Title match. It will be Edge and Christian versus the Dudley Boys. In a…

Shane spins the spinner and it lands on Table Match.

Shane McMahon: What a coincidence, it will be a table match.

The camera goes back to ringside.

JR: Edge and Christian versus Dudley Boys in a table match.

Tazz: That will be exciting and will take place right after this.

The Lightning Round up is played showing all of the main highlights from Monday nights show.

Edge and Christian’s Music Hits, they enter as they used to through the crowd and then sliding into the ring.

The Dudley Boys Music Hits and they enter with a table they walk to the ring and slide it in.

2nd Match
Tag Team Tables Match
Tag Team Championships
Edge and Christian vs The Dudley Boys

Match Finish - Both teams put up a good fight. At this point in the match D-Von and Christian have already been eliminated. Bubba does a Bubba Bomb on Edge and then sets up a table in the ring. All of a sudden Farooq runs out and attacks Bubba. He then hits the Dominator through a table.

WINNERS - Edge and Christian (New Tag Team Champions)

Edge grabs a microphone.

Edge: I would like for all of you to meet our bodyguard, Farooq.

Christian grabs another microphone.

Christian: So with this animal by our sides there is no chance in hell that we will lose these belts.

Christian passes the microphone to Farooq.

Farooq: So at the moment we hold the Tag Team Titles and it will not be long before I have the World Heavyweight Title around my waist.

He drops the microphone and all three of them leave together.

Tazz: That is a hell of a bodyguard.

JR: And with out their new bodyguard the Dudley Boys would be tag team champions.

Tazz: We now have our first match in the World Heavyweight Championship series.

JR: I wonder who will be in it.

Tazz: I wonder what type of match it will be.

Big Show’s Music Hits, he gets a decent pop from the crowd and enters the ring.

Chris Beniot’s Music Hits to a huge pop. He enters the ring and stares at the Big Show.

Shane McMahon appears on the Titon Tron and spins the spinner. It lands on First Blood match.

Shane McMahon: It looks like you two have to fight until you make your opponent bleed.

3rd Match
First Blood Match
World Heavyweight Championship Series
Big Show vs Chris Beniot

Match Finish - This is a quick match with Big Show having the easy advantage. He looks under the ring and pulls out a 2 by 4 wrapped in barbed wire. Big Show scrapes this up and down Beniot’s forehead. This makes him bleed.

WINNER - Big Show

Big Show holds the 2 by 4 up in the air. He then leaves. Chris Beniot puts his hands on his head to realise he is bleeding. He looks frustrated but leaves.

The camera goes backstage to show Coach stood by the Basham Brothers.

Coach: Are you annoyed that you were not in the Tag Team Title match?

Doug Basham: Of course we are annoyed. Those belts should be awarded to us.

Danny Basham: So next week we are issuing an open challenge to any team in the world.

Christopher Daniels and Primetime walk past.

Doug Basham: Hey you! Next week Basham Brothers versus Triple X.

Primetime: What you want to challenge us? Fair enough if we have to kick your asses we will.

Both teams have a stare down as the camera goes back to ringside.

JR: Wow next week Triple X versus the Basham Brothers.

Tazz: That is going to be huge.

The camera then goes backstage to Kane and Shane McMahon next to the Spinner.

Shane McMahon: Kane I am going to let you do the honours of spinning the spinner to choose the stipulation of your match.

Kane spins the spinner and it lands on Bra and Panties Match. Kane stares at Shane.

Shane McMahon: Spin it again. That is for the divas not for people like you.

Kane once again spins it again and this time it lands on Last Man Standing Match

Kane laughs out loud and then leaves the office. A few seconds later a referee enters.

Referee: He has just arrived.

Shane McMahon: Thank you.

The camera goes back to ringside.

JR: Who has just arrived?

Tazz: I don’t know JR. I guess it is someone important.

JR: Well it is now time for a Television Championship Match.

Tazz: Good luck to both participants.

Test’s Music Hits, he enters with his usual arrogant smile on his face.

He enters the ring and stares at the ramp way. Shane McMahon appears on the Titon Tron.

Shane McMahon: I am interrupting this match for a huge announcement. This match will be a steel cage match. However that is not all. Your opponent will be the newest member of ICW Rikishi.

Rikishi’s Music Hits and he enters the ring in his usual way.

4th Match
Steel Cage Match
Television Championship Match
Test vs Rikishi

Match Finish – Both men fight each other with everything they have got. All of a sudden Viscera runs down to the ring and rips the cage door of. He climbs into the ring and lands a huge Bell in the Belly Suplex on Test. He then places Rikishi’s arm on top. 1…2…3!

WINNER – Rikishi (New Television Champion)

Match Aftermath – Viscera starts attacking Rikishi. He throws him hard into the cage wall and the part of the wall where Rikishi hit falls down. Viscera smiles and then leaves.

The camera goes backstage to Todd Grisham and Randy Orton.

Todd Grisham: You have just found out that you are in the championship series…

Randy Orton: Of course I am in the Championship Series Todd. I am the legend killer. I have killed all of the legends in this business. However I have been told next week I am going to kill another legend as I progress into the hell in a cell match.

Todd Grisham: Who…

Randy Orton: Interview over!

The camera goes back to ringside and Kane is already stood in the ring with his sadistic smile on his face.

Diamond Dallas Page’s Music Hits. He enters smiling as the crowd go crazy.

5th Match
Last Man Standing Match
World Heavyweight Championship Series
Kane vs DDP​

Match Finish – Kane has a huge advantage throughout the match. He uses big slams and a variety of weapon shots. Kane goes for a chokeslam and successfully hits it. DDP still manages to get up at nine. Kane then goes for a Tombstone Piledriver. He picks DDP up and somehow DDP slides out of harms way. DDP then somehow out of nowhere succeeds in hitting the Diamond Cutter. Kane sits straight back up and grabs DDP. He goes for a Tombstone this time on the steel steps. He hits it and DDP fails to get back up.

WINNER – Kane​

Kane laughs at the lifeless body and then leaves.

The camera goes backstage to Shane McMahon’s Office

Shane McMahon: I have some very exciting news. Next week I will announce the new General Manager of Shockwave. It will either be this man here Paul Heyman.

The camera zooms out so Paul Heyman is now in the shot.

Shane McMahon: Or this man Eric Bischoff.

The camera zooms out even further to reveal Eric Bischoff.

Shane McMahon: I hope you have all enjoyed yourself. See you next week.

The screen fades to black.

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Good show J.R!!!!! Good to see Edge/Christian teaming up again!!!! Somehow i cant find the push you're giving to Farooq amusing. But anyways who had expected Bradshaw to be a wwe champion? Good to see Kane WINNING as he hardly does on Raw!!!! Overall the show was good. Hope Kane wins a championship belt.
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