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Hello with ICC World T20 women’s cricket World Cup starting on Friday in Australia.

I am looking forward to the discussion on tournament.

Here are fixtures and times (GMT).


Australia v India, Sydney (Showground) (d/n) (08:00 GMT)

22 West Indies v Thailand, Perth (Waca) (07:00 GMT)

22 New Zealand v Sri Lanka, Perth (Waca) (d/n) (11:00 GMT)

23 England v South Africa, Perth (Waca) (d/n) (11:00 GMT)

24 Australia v Sri Lanka, Perth (Waca) (07:00 GMT)

24 India v Bangladesh, Perth (Waca) (d/n) (11:00 GMT)

26 England v Thailand, Canberra (04:00 GMT)

26 West Indies v Pakistan, Canberra (d/n) (08:00 GMT)

27 India v New Zealand, Melbourne (Junction Oval) (04:00 GMT)

27 Australia v Bangladesh, Canberra (d/n) (08:00 GMT)

28 South Africa v Thailand, Canberra (04:00 GMT)

28 England v Pakistan, Canberra (d/n) (08:00 GMT)

29 New Zealand v Bangladesh, Melbourne (Junction Oval) (00:00 GMT)

29 India v Sri Lanka, Melbourne (Junction Oval) (d/n) (04:00 GMT)


1 South Africa v Pakistan, Sydney (Showground) (04:00 GMT)

1 England v West Indies, Sydney (Showground) (d/n) (08:00 GMT)

2 Sri Lanka v Bangladesh, Melbourne (Junction Oval) (00:00 GMT)

2 Australia v New Zealand, Melbourne (Junction Oval) (d/n) (04:00 GMT)

3 Pakistan v Thailand, Sydney (Showground) (04:00 GMT)

3 West Indies v South Africa, Sydney (Showground) (d/n) (08:00 GMT)

5 First semi-final, Sydney (SCG) (04:00 GMT)

5 Second semi-final, Sydney (SCG) (d/n) (08:00 GMT)

8 Final, Melbourne (MCG) (d/n) (07:00 GMT)

Here are the group tables

Group A

Australia Women
Bangladesh Women
India Women
New Zealand Women
Sri Lanka Women

Group B

England Women
Pakistan Women
South Africa Women
Thailand Women
West Indies Women



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Hello today I watched the West Indies vs Pakistan game.

I noticed that despite more experienced squad they were tactically naive as when the first ball was delivered the non striker batswoman was too far over to right and could not notice where the ball pitched so could not inform the batswoman facing the ball that she should appeal the LBW. I noticed that Pakistan’s women took wickets early on putting pressure on the West Indies women to conserve wickets the 124 score was below what I thought was 20 or so runs short of a good total.

When Paksitans women batted they batted conservatively getting 1 and 2 rather than going for big shots. Also, the West Indies bowled too many wides 7 and the fielding was at times sloppy allowing for overthrows to occur.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the next Pakistan game against England on Friday as England are more professional. I think group B is open for second spot as I think England will probably to group B with either Pakistan, South Africa or West Indies going second.

Group A is tougher with Australia, Indian and New Zealand all trying to qualify.



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Hello today I watched the England vs Pakistan womens game.

Pakistan got off to an ok start when bowling, however the fielding was at times below average. England used their more professional setup to bat Well and put 158.

When Pakistan batted second the batswomen were inconsistent, they did not play themselves in and get used to conditions. However, when some of the women got going they made mistakes and got out when they just got started.

I think in 20/20 games like one day and test matches batsmen and women need to play themselves in then go for big shots.

The next games in group Pakistan vs South Africa and England vs West Indies.

Group A looks Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka, but group b is anyone’s it could come down to the last game if Pakistan win on Sunday and England loose to West Indies.



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The whole sports world is waiting for the end of quarantine.
I've been waiting for Euro 2020.
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