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I was very disappointed

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The other matches of the night were good but the Royal Rumble match totally sucked. I was expecting the returns of Triple H, Christian and Chris Jericho but instead we see the returns of The Great Khali, Booker T and Diesel. Not that there's anything wrong with Diesel and Booker.

Also, for a 40 man Rumble the participant list totally sucked. Hornswoggle? I mean come on, it's the Rumble match not a comedy segment.

Having Santino and Alberto in the final two completely pissed me off. If Santino had have won I would have flipped shit because he lasted 27 seconds in 2 Rumble matches and he almost won. Wow that's pathetic WWE. Really pathetic.
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Imo of the 3 last men (not counting Santino) Barret>Del Rio>Orton would have been the better option. Though Del Rio is decent, he is not quite ready IMHO.

Also for one I was very glad that HHH didn't return. We've seen enough of his face and we'll see a lot of him again.

Booker T for me was unexpected like was Nash as they really played down the options of returning...

Hornswoggle was comedy a few times but stupid for the most...
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