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I was very disappointed

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The other matches of the night were good but the Royal Rumble match totally sucked. I was expecting the returns of Triple H, Christian and Chris Jericho but instead we see the returns of The Great Khali, Booker T and Diesel. Not that there's anything wrong with Diesel and Booker.

Also, for a 40 man Rumble the participant list totally sucked. Hornswoggle? I mean come on, it's the Rumble match not a comedy segment.

Having Santino and Alberto in the final two completely pissed me off. If Santino had have won I would have flipped shit because he lasted 27 seconds in 2 Rumble matches and he almost won. Wow that's pathetic WWE. Really pathetic.
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When I watch the royal Rumble, there's a few things I look for.

Unpredictable winner: You have to admit it was pretty unpredictable because I was saying it would be either Cena or CM Punk winning. I wasn't expecting Alberto Del Rio to win whatsoever. This was the complete opposite of lastI year where I knew Edge was winning, despite the fact he wasn't in advertised to be in the Rumble.

Surprises: Diesel and Booker T was good. I'll admit I think Hornswoggle is okay and is funnier than Santino. I don't hate Khali as much as most here so I didn't mind that.

Lack of Triple H: Yes, he was not on at all. It was awesome.

Christian is still injured I believe. Chris Jericho openly said he wasn't going to be at Rumble. And I don't know why the hell anyone else would even WANT to have Triple H return.

Sorry, you didn't like the Rumble, and I have bad news for you. If this year is like the previous two years, it's all downhill from here buddy. The product will get worse because Rumble is the peak in terms of quality these days.
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