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I was very disappointed

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The other matches of the night were good but the Royal Rumble match totally sucked. I was expecting the returns of Triple H, Christian and Chris Jericho but instead we see the returns of The Great Khali, Booker T and Diesel. Not that there's anything wrong with Diesel and Booker.

Also, for a 40 man Rumble the participant list totally sucked. Hornswoggle? I mean come on, it's the Rumble match not a comedy segment.

Having Santino and Alberto in the final two completely pissed me off. If Santino had have won I would have flipped shit because he lasted 27 seconds in 2 Rumble matches and he almost won. Wow that's pathetic WWE. Really pathetic.
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I had a gut feeling that HHH wouldn't come back, kinda counted on Bourne, but didn't care that he wasn't there. Just the surprises were kinda not enough and Kane as 40 is very disapointing.
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