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I think they should try the Impact game again

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I know most people's opinions about the first TNA game back in 08 weren't very good and they did lose money on it but I think they should try it again, after all WWE learned from their mistakes as the first couple games they did such as Attitude and Raw weren't that good as well and they managed to make a couple Smackdown games very good like Here Comes the Pain. Work on fixing the mistakes and problems and making it better. For example tone down the difficulty on it as even Easy mode was difficult and include such things like the KOs, cage and other matches, better design of characters and stages like Lockdown or The Ultimate X. Base it off of WCW/NWO revenge with how the grappling system works as that set the first standard for wrestling games.

They could have GutCheck be the create your own wrestler storyline for example, getting a tryout match against an opponent and working your way up from Dark matches to Xplosion to Impact and so forth. It'd help them get noticed if they managed to put out a game that gets good reviews.
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That game was absolutely terrible. Gameplay sucked. There were not enough gimmick matches. Very generic, cookie cutter, get in the ring and fight. I was hoping for so much more. There was no Full Metal Mayhem, no steel cage matches, no king of the mountain, no steel asylum, no elevation x, no matches that could spill over into the backstage. Nothing. It sucked. It was like 10 years past his its time when it first got released. Total joke.
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