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I remember when...

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  1. This forum had porn.
  2. A-Dust was a robot.
  3. A 'Respect List' was cool to have.
  4. This was WEForums.
  5. Nitemare was the supreme ruler of the wrestling forum universe.
  6. We used to visit the site on 56k(so stfu to those complaing it's slow now.)
  7. We had 'inner' circles.
  8. Forums dominated before Myspace and Facebook.
  9. we had forums war with other major website. those were fun days.
  10. we had our, sometime daily, chats in Yahoo, MSN, or AIM group convos.
  11. we had weekly pool tournaments on yahoo.
  12. The Mean and Angel were the two meanest bitches.
  13. WWF posted spoilers on their website.
  14. WWF was cool.
  15. I realized WWE sucked.
  16. you could 'cyber bully' and not have to worry about shit.
  17. Dalestate_Diva, AleXXX, MaryGayWanna, Mr.Hankey, Kaneanite, and GP were the only bitches on the forum.
  18. LK was the hottest person on the forum.(Chelsey now has that crown. :) )
  19. Ryan Clark feared me and had a link to my website blasted on his forum for over a year. :)
  22. THERE USED TO BE AN ARCADE, USER STORE FOR USERNAME FEATURES, the [YOU] TAG, and invision was new so everybody had a forum!
  23. Vertical Scope bought our powers. :(

That is all. Screw all of you n00bs. I hope Chris Benoit gets you in your sleep.
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[*]A-Dust was a robot.
Big LMAO! He was brought back to staff for WWE/BTB in 2008 and he was hated by the entire BTB section for it. They (including the other BTB mod, Renegade) said all sorts of things to him. He replied with the same emotionless tone each time. Even though it led him to quitting staff because of it. (Nice mod Renegade)


[*]we had weekly pool tournaments on yahoo.
I signed up for one and got my ass eliminated in the first round.:sad:

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You're either WF or you're against us, BabyBoy

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I remember A-Dust closed one of my threads once, and seriously had an automated reason for it. Probably posted that on all the threads he closed.

And he did sign off with the "A-Dust" as well.

A definite robot.

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i don't think he did, croft, but i remember a lot of people hating him over his stance on rape, i don't know if it was a gimmick or not, but it was entertaining... he was an interesting guy. those were good times on the forum indeed

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[*]We used to visit the site on 56k(so stfu to those complaing it's slow now.)
There were times when I'd be waiting five or more minutes for the site to load up, and all I got to distract me from the delay was some picture of Torrie on the cover of a muscle magazine.

Which was nice, but I would eventually give up and go to another forum.
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