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Like a drop down list?

If so, this is what you do:

[*drop=whatever your title is]
first one
[*option]second one[*/option]
[*option]third one[*/option]
[*option]and so on..[/*option][*/drop]

That is how you type it out, just without the *'s.

This is what it will look like:

If this isn't what you were talking about, I just wasted 3 minutes of my life.

EDIT: Beat you to it, LazyBoy :p

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[*Drop= Name Of DropBox]
[*option]Item #1[/option]
[*option]Item #2[/option]
[*option]Item #3[/option]
[*option]etc.[/option] [/*Drop]

just without the asterisks (*)

It Should look like this-

EDIT: Bubba T Mesed up. you need to put stars in the option tags (WHEN SHOWING SOMEBODY HOW) or they disapear since theres no Code.
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