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I may be returning to the E, can any one help me out!?

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Ok, so back when I was living at home with my parents, from '98/'99 up until 2003, (I was 18 then and left home to go University), I watched the then, WWF and absolutly loved it through my teenage years, and was basically raised on the Attitude Era product.

Now, back in 2011, I am wondering about coming back into the E.

I've had Sky for some time, but was always put off by paying for Sky Sports, but as I like football, I could watch that and Wrestling, and have the best of both worlds.

As you can guess from my sig, I watch TNA, but thats the only promotion on Sky that I don't have to pay for, and I quite like it, but nothing can beat the atmosphere in the E.

I have been watching some of the WWE Experience on Sky, here and there and I do enjoy watching it, but after seeing the Rock return last night, I felt a little bit excited and felt a little bit of my inner child return from the era I watched it from, and really am tempted to start watching again.

But I really need to be brought up to speed on the product, both Raw and Smackdown, and wondered if some of you could answer some questions for me, and bring me up to speed on anything else I should know about the WWE in 2011.

My questions:

1) PG Era - Can some one explain this to me please? I have seen that the word 'ass' seems to be cut out now, and I understand blood isn't allowed, but is that all there is to the PG Era, no swearing or blood?

If so, from what little of seen of it, im not to bothered about it, I mean, people are still being thrown into steps from what I've seen.

2) Michael Cole - I just remember this guy as an announcer, but what is he now? Is he part character, part announcer? Is he ment to be a heel?

and 2a) Whats with the emails in the middle of the show from the General Manager...

3) I 'Taker and HHH only used every so often these days?

4) Nexus, The Corre - What are their roles?

And finally any wrestlers I should check out on youtube currently in the promotion who I should check out? I mean, I know nothing about CM Punk, for starters!

I hope some of you can share your thoughts with me and try and get me up to speed on where the E is and whats happening with both shows and PPV's these days.
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CM Punk is deffinitly an Indy star you should check out. Daniel Bryan(Bryan Danielson) you should really check out. Um PG era is just a kid promotion to generate more kid interest with parents. Taker and Trips r always hurt. Michael Cole is a full time heel annoucer who i believe whips Miz` ass.Oh and CM Punk is like a second coming. IMO of course.

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- Since late 2008 the WWE no longer features blood, swearing or chairshots to the head.
if a wrestler is accidently busted open the match will stop and a medic will come and close the cut.
The word a** has been used a few times last year and seems to be a word they'll let slide (it will be bleeped out).

- Cole is a heel sometimes to certain wrestlers.
He known for being a HUGE fan of The Miz and the voice of RAW since he reads the general managers' emails.

- The newest GM has requested to remain anonymous because of the attacks on past GMs (Bret Hart was the last GM and was attacked by Nexus) and has his orders read via email by Michael Cole.

- The original Nexus was made up of 8 rookie from a show called NXT (season 1).
The show NXT featured rookies being mentored by WWE Superstars and fighting for a contract with the WWE, which Wade Barrett won.
The group debuted on RAW on June 7th 2010

Wade Barrett was the leader of the Nexus until he lost a triple threat match with the stipulation being that if he lost CM Punk would become the new leader of Nexus.
Barrett went to Smackdown and was followed by Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater who didn't like Punk's extreme tactics, along with Ezekiel Jackson they are The Corre.
While Punk is the leader of Nexus and are fueding with Orton & Cena, The Corre has no leader and are currently fueding with The Big Show.

- Undertaker was buried alive by his brother Kane in October and Triple H was taken out by Sheamus in May of last year.

I'd check out CM Punk, The Miz & Wade Barrett.

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Corny promos, Super Cena, only 2 draws in the company, Khali Kiss Cams with Hornswoggle(a leprechaun which was once Vince's bastard child then turned Finlay's son) and 15 year old girls, terrible Raw/Smackdown theme songs, poor booking, and the list goes on.

The occasional good match, but not too often. Punk, Barret, and ADR(Alberto Del Rio) are the only ones bearable to watch. Cena is still top dog with promos, but they're always corny and lame due to PG restrictions and having the same stale gimmick for 5 years. Booker T came back as an announcer a couple weeks ago and Rocky came back last night UNCENSORED! WOO!

He'll be hosting WM and hopefully kicking Cena's ass in the near future.

Taker is hurt every three months and Triple H is still out from last year.

Cole gets REALLY annoying, but when the show gets bad and Cole makes fun of it he can be hilarious.

Oh and Stone Cold is back to host the return of Tough Enough.

Think I caught you up to speed...

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I think everyone's covered all the questions but Taker only works 6 months at a time, going on histus after Wrestlemania and returning at Summerslam. I think his contract is basically 6 months on, 6 months off, but he does tend to get injured a hell of a lot now.
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