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I made a grown man cry last night.

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So I was at the bar last night drinking with some friends. Well my friend happened to meet up with this girl he had been talking to, I guess and we're all drinking,smoking and having a good time.

Well after chilling with them for about half an hour, it becomes painfully obvious to me that that my friend had no chance whatsoever with this girl, and she's just waiting until she can get away.

So the bar's closing and they go inside to finish their drinks and me and another friend are outside smoking and laughing about the situation between my hapless friend and the girl he's chosen who's about 3x too hot for him and about 8 years too young for him.

As often happens when me and my friends start drinking together we decide to rip on him a little. After some harmless ragging about a situation that happened awhile ago that he REALLY needs to get over and stop beating himself up over, he stormed off crying and peeled out of the parking lot.

We had another good laugh after he left when I brought up how I could've been a lot meaner and brought up the fact that it didn't appear that his hopeful squeeze didn't appear to follow him outside, and probably ducked out the side door.

I couldn't believe what happened. Apparently, after talking to friends of ours, they said that this is a common occurrence with him, but I'm amazed that someone can go three decades in life (and go through the military) without gaining some thicker skin.

So do any of you have friends like these? The kind of people that fly off the handle when it's pretty clear to all involved that everyone else is just trying to have a good time. The "serious business" people.
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Maybe his sore spot is the one you just hit. Tbh,that was a pretty dick move if you knew how he is and especially knowing how bad he was doing that night with the girl.
(...)then about a week or so later she starts dating the referee at the fed I work at. Now THAT really pissed me off. (...)
I bet that made ref bumbs that much sweeter.
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