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What is it about New Jersey?

There must be something in the water; it seems that all of the freshest new bands have been budding from the famous Garden State. Victory has picked the cream of the crop with their latest addition to the family, Thursday. They are an innovative young band that is helping to inspire and motivate a new generation of music listeners. Their fresh-faced attitude brings a refreshing outlook towards the sometimes-tired sounds of hardcore. These New Brunswick, NJ natives have been making waves since the very start and will continue to turn heads and awaken new ideas in hardcore today and for years to come.

The band began as a closely-knit group of friends who channeled those unbreakable bonds into not only an idea, but also a sound. They started out playing shows in basements and garages for anyone who would listen. Very early in their career they were able to play with illustrious bands such as, At the Drive In, Boy Sets Fire, and Hot Water Music. Over the past two years their hard work and perseverance have built them a steadfast following. Their debut release, "Waiting" on New York based, Eyeball Records brought about the attention of leading independent label Victory Records. Instantly, Victory had the insight to realize the potential this band held. Thursday was quickly signed and put in the studio to record their Victory debut, "Full Collapse."

With their latest release "Full Collapse," Thursday have created a sound that is unparalleled and unequivocally their own. Although still a young band, they write with the sincerity and insight of a band twice their age. Their music is a cathartic whirlwind of rhythmic melodies and heart stopping time changes that are unified amongst lulling vocal harmonies and besieging wails. Thursday can mesmerize their audiences in a way no other band in recent memory has been able to do. Undaunted by the toils of the music industry; Thursday brings a vibrant outlook to new music. "Full Collapse" is a beautiful movement of art and music. The listener is easily lulled into submission by the soothing guitars and hushed, supple vocals. Thundering guitar chugs and hair pulling screams jackknife any false sense of comfort. All of these turbulent twists and turns leave their listeners breathless and begging for more. Thursday's music has an effect on its listeners; it not only moves them on a musical level, but it conjures up feelings and emotions that can only be captured through sincere music that comes from the outpouring of a dismal heart.

On the brink of a blossoming career, Thursday is charging ahead, full-force, ready to tour non-stop until the end of 2001 and beyond in support of "Full Collapse." With the release of this record and a video debut on the horizon for them, the road ahead looks promising; the possibilities are endless.

their leadsinger, and a motherfucking good one.

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