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I know this is a long shot but ...

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Is there a setting with the forum where you can have it automatically make images smaller that are linked at a huge size? I don't think people mean to do it as such, but when they post a huge gigantic image it really makes the thread difficult to read.

I'm sure it's been done on other forums before that I've seen, so I wondered if the wrestling forum here could incorporate this?

You know like if an image is over a certain size the forum will automatically compress it when linked, is this possible?

Just a thought but I thought it would make it easier for people here when these things happen, again, I don't think people intentionally mean to do it, they just link a picture but when they're huge it just makes the whole page of the thread so difficult to read (let alone see the pictures properly).

Hope all is well :)
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Ah beauty, yeah it would be pretty cool :)
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