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I just need to vent a little....

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My god is it bad. WWE of course.

The commentary is just awful.

Booker T can hardly speak english and has an extremely restricted vocabularly
Josh Matthews sounds like a pre pubescent kid.

I am so bored. I skip through almost every effing minute of WWE. I returned during WM and since then it has been a huge let down. They rely on the Rock so badly. I doubt any near 800k buy rate to see the garbage line up.

There are so many squash matches and obvious winners I dont know why I bother. Even the commentary cant even pretend that Drew Mcintyre has a chance against Sin Carra. Its just so lazy.

The wrestler haven't got an ounce of charisma. I don't know what people see in Sheamus. Hes by no mean appalling but can you see him being a champion 10 years ago? He would of been a low mid carder like Test or Albert.

I really enjoyed Extreme Rules. WM was ok. Maybe they put effort into PPV but the effort in the actual Raw/Smackdown shows is pathetic. Every week its the same. I bet next Raw we'll see Vickie Guerrero announce Swagger to the ring only for him to lose in 4 minutes. The atmosphere is crap. Its like going to a swimming pool. Remember the days when you could hardly see because there were so many signs? The days where the crowd were constantly on their feet.
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