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I Have a Little Problem Too.

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Just wondering, now that Word Games and Trivia Forums are part of the Anything Forum, does that mean post counts are still disabled?
Word Games is understandable but I think Trivia does deserve post counts enabled seeing as some slight intelligence is required.
Jusr wondering, as Flash would say.
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Wasn't the trivia post count enabled anyway? I wouldn't know for sure as it's been months since I was in the Trivia forum, but I'm sure the post count was enabled there...but if it wasn't, I do agree that it should.

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Spam Games - sorry - Word Games shouldn't be counted towards post counts. Trivia, if that's what's happening to it, is different. Alternatively, you could just put all the forums back how they were :)

Nice observation, Chris.

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I don't think having the trivia forum as a sub forum to anything is a problem but I don't think it should be coupled with word games. The continuous wrestling trivia thread is 8th from the bottom at the moment, the answer to the question is wrong but before anyone gets a chance to see the thread and give the correct answer it will be on the next page and probably forgotten about until A-dust or someone bumps it up. Just my thoughts.

A LOT of trivia threads are one-word responses, making it no better than any word game. Trivia does not take intelligence, and post counts are off.

Trivia itself was basically a dead forum -- not like post counts matter since, you know, it wasn't posted in that much to begin with.
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