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"I don't understand why Cody went to WWE, they booked Dusty like shit; Vince wanted to humiliate him." - Greg Valentine

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Not sure if this goes here or classic wrestling. What are your thoughts? Do you think Valentine has a point? Or no?

Here's basically what Greg Valentine said:

" You know i wouldn't go to WWE if i would have been Cody. I would never done that because he helped start AEW out. I would have never done that to go to WWE, i just don't understand it, but maybe there's a reason that i don't see. But good luck to the guy, he's a nice guy. Cody is a good worker.

I don't think Dusty enjoyed being in WWF; wearing those polka dots and stuff. I cant believe Dusty went for it;i know he wanted to go to New York and fly in to the shows for Vince; Vince has him put these polka dots on, with a short lady taking him out (nothing against her or Safire) but the whole thing is a mockery on Dusty.

It's like Vince slapping Dusty in the face. If i had Dusty i would have never done that. No matter how hard you wanted to get in the WWF, i would have never done that. That's bullshit. It was Vince's ego, he wanted Dusty to look like a piece of shit. I take Dusty overcame it, but i didnt like it at all. He made it work and swallowed his pride. But, Dusty was a great worker. He was fat but it didnt matter because he knew how to work. He had a lot of charisma, drew a lot of money in florida, in the Carolinas' and in WCW. I was disappointed he went for it, but he did it. He did the best for it. Dusty had a big ego and he knew he was good and knew how to work, great on the mic and for him to take a step down like that; i Just dont get it, i guess he wanted to be in WWF bad. He didnt need that.

They used to fly him in NY, when he was big in Florida. He would come in work with Billy Graham and whoever was top dog; In the long he made up making the WWF gimmick work and when he want back to WCW it was all forgotten. Oh my God.

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A big difference is not only was Dusty no longer in his prime, WWF had a lot of huge stars already there when he joined. WWE has absolutely no depth in their roster with big names today (their own fault) that Cody automatically became one of their biggest stars the moment he came back.

Then again, it still doesn't excuse them treating his father like a joke, though.
Dusty had been fired from Turnerr so was desperate for work too whereas Cody was free agent who could go where he pleased. Also Dusty was 44 years old when he joined WWE, Cody is 36 so big age difference.

Dusty was head booker in JCP a company Vince had been at war with since 84 when they got Vince kicked off Turner tv. Aside from little silly talk Cody and AEW were never at war with Vince.

I don't think the starpower has anything to do with it because few years later they booked Flair super strong. Vince knew Dusty needed any job whereas Flair didn't
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