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They are disinterested and have lost their passion. They don't care anymore. Proof:

Reusing the RAW set for Smackdown and PPV's

Having tens of writers but seemingly unable or just don't care about structure and tension. Instead of RAW ending before a commercial cutting to something coming up such as a wrestler walking to a ring angrily. Instead its just mid wrestling break. Come back in a sleeper hold. Another example is not having a plot arc go through to the end of RAW. Like Reigns and HHH talking and Roman just saying no, he wont sell out. Instead they could have made Roman make his decision at the END of RAW. Its simple things like this.

Crappy-instrumental-jobber entrance themes replacing exciting themes of old such as the Rock or Angles themes. Rollins theme is atrocious.

Having loads of directionless wrestlers without gimmicks or character or even a chance to speak on the mic.

Boring backstage segments without any imagination or comedic timing.

PG era that is proving to be a failure in ratings

Vince blaming the roster and not himself, such as on the podcast.

Finally, where is Vince anyway?

Overall I just feel like the McMahons just dont care anymore. They have lost interest in the product. The fun and creativity seemed to dwindle after Vince and the Spirit Squad angle.

They don't care. They are like Noah Antwiler (Spoony One) milking his patreon whilst producing no videos except VLOGs. Just like he doesn't care neither do the WWE. They have the Network giving them $9.99 a month unconditionally.

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Is not that he doesn't care is just that there's 0 competition for the WWE so there's no need to put effort and just keep going on autopilot this is Vince mentality at the moment.

Vince never wanted the attitude era to happen but he was pressured to make the change because the WCW was their biggest threat and had he not make that decision Vince would be a general manager at WCW at best right now. And the WWF would have gone out of business.

As long WWE remains #1 wrestling organization in the world that's all he cares about because he will still be making money regardless. NFL NBA UFC all that might be competition to Vince in terms of ratings but they're no threat to him because they're not a wrestling show.
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