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I believe that orton will be heel by wrestlemainia or the raw after

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after cm punk called him out on his antics, the audience seemed confused like a muthafucka... im like yo forreal, how the fuck does the wwe put their 2nd biggest face on blast like that and expect things not to change...

not to mention as soon as they showed that orton had this fuckin grimacing smile on his face like "hey its all cool, aint no biggie, ill do the shit again"

I honestly feel that we are not only gonna get a great feud out of the two, but a fantastic finish, with orton being heel and punk either staying heel or turning face. This storyline can be huge.

but im still lost as to why wwe took this direction... im happy but confused. cmpunk, like he said, his actions are justifiable, ortons are not, he's right and orton is wrong. he's absolutely correct.

I can only see ortons character getting more and more heelish by wrestlemainia.. he kicked husky then ran... then the way he spoke in his promo after vince... maybe the last month this guy was a face, but i see not one thing that says face since he started with punk..

do you see the fans turning on him, or orton turning on the fans through a promo or actions... either way i think its coming.


oh and punk said as long as he's around orton will never touch the belt again... so how long til orton is champ again? lol
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No Orton will stay face. He's the anti hero so of course he wouldn't apologize for his actions. Everything he does is heelish like when he kicked Husky and ran that was a perfect move imo. He ran like a coward heel but still got cheered for it lol. And you must forget the reason the fans started cheering him in the first place was because of his heelish acts. CM Punk doesnt need to turn face because he thrives in his role as a heel. Right now the main event scene is perfect just the way it is. You got the two faces (Cena & Orton) and the two heels (CM Punk and Miz).

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I take it Orton was who Punk meant at the Slammys from this (the guy who'd wronged him)? Sure as hell makes more sense than Cena did.
This the only thing Cena ever did wrong to punk was literally spill his diet soda lolol! but punk came out and complained about how cena attacked Wade Barrett who Punk turned on anyway so yeah orton makes much more sense
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