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this is my 1st ever show so it will prolly b awful but anyways its the debut of HZE on HZE on BTB

Money by Pink Floyd Joey Styles makes his way to the ring being led to the ring but his "personal assitant" (wink wink) Tracy Brooks.

Joey Styles: I'd like to welcolme you all to this little company called Honor Zone Entertainment or HZE! You all know me as Joey Styles the voice of Extreme Championship Wrestling but you will know know me as Joey Styles the onwer of HZE! Tonight we will see a Tag Team Turmoil Match for the tag team titles, a four way Ultimate X match for the CW title, the start of an 8 man tournament for the Pure Wrestling Title, and a Gauntlet for the Gold ,which will have everyone who is not scheduled for a match, with the World Heavyweight Title! Now lets get this sh*t started!!!!!

Match 1: Pure Title Tournament Doug Williams vs. Chris Benoit
Winner: Doug Williams at 15:22 by pinfall after The Chaos Theory

Match 2: Pure Title Tournament Kurt Angle vs. Bryan Danielson
Winner: Kurt Angle at 17:19 by submission from the Angle Lock

Match 3: Ultimate X Sonjay Dutt vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Ruckus vs. B-Boy
Winner: B-Boy at 32:54 (B-Boy is the 1st ever HZE CW champ)
Real Mothaphuckin G's plays while B-Boy is celebrating his music cuts out and Money hits over the speaker

Joey Styles: That may have been the greatest high risk match I have ever seen and B-Boy here is your brand new CW title! *Joey shakes his hand and hands over the belt*

Match 4: Pure Title Tournament Alex Shelley vs. Christopher Daniels
Winner: Alex Shelley at 9:27 by pinfall after the Shellshock

Match 5: Tag Team Tourmoil (Order of Entry) Dudley Boyz vs. The Bashams vs. MNM vs. S.B.S vs. Youthanzia vs. The Rottweillers (Low-Ki and Homicide) vs. The Havana Pitbulls vs. GeNext (Jack Evans and Roderick Strong) vs. Second City Saints vs. Briscoe Brothers vs. 3LK (Ron Killings and BG James) vs. Special K vs. Backseat Boys vs. Carnage Crew (Loc and Devito) vs. AMW vs. The Naturals vs. The Ring Crew Express
Winner: Backseat Boys at 82:45 by pinfall after T Gimmick on Dunn

Backseat Boys in the back celebrating when Joey Styles comes over
Joey Styles: Johhny Kashmere! Trent Acid! The Backseat Boys! The Greatest Tag Team of all time here are your World Tag Team titles
Trent Acid: Thank You Joey we grea....*B-Boy hits him in the back of the head with the CW title belt and then before Johhny Kashmere can fight back he is jumped by The Rotweillers*
Low-Ki: Meet the newest Rotweiller "The Strong Style Thug" B-Boy
Homicide: Were takin our belts you stupid b**ches!

Match 6: Six Man Fan Brings the Weapons Tag Wifebeater, Masato Tanaka, Sick Nick Mondo vs. Nick Gage, Raven, Steve Corino
Winners: Nick Gage, Raven, Steve Corino at 13:36 by pinfall after Chokebreaker on Sick Nick Mondo

Match 7: Pure Title Tournament Lance Storm vs. Petey Williams (with Scott D'amore)
Winner: Petey Williams at 43:54 by Canadian Destroyer *Afterwards fans chant 5 star match and match of the year)

Mick Foley: What a night so far! It looks like theres a fued developing between the Backseat Boys and the Rotweillers Rocky how will the Backseat Boys make up for the numbers edge the Rottweillers have
The Rock: Its the Rock get it right jabroni! If it was the Rock in this predicament the Rock would nuetar those Rotwiellers in about 3 minutes!
Mick Foley: Thats right Mr. Mavia but it sound likes here comes the boss

*Money hits again as Joey Styles makes his way on the ramp*
Joey Styles: What a match! Ill make sure both Petey and Lance get a raise for that match. Monday night we will see more of the pure tournament as "The Anarchist" Doug Williams faces the only real Olympic gold medalist in pro wrestling history Kurt Angle. Also Alex Shelley will display his talent that he claims to have on loan from God against Petey Williams. Also as a result from the 6 man tag finish Nick Mondo has issued a challenge to Nick Gage who has accepted it. Now on to our Main Event! I will join commentary for this World Title Battle Royal! Now ring the f*ckin bell!

Match 8: World Heavyweight Title Gauntlet for the Gold (by order of entry) Austin Aries vs. Chris Jericho vs. Christian vs. Kane vs. Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Stevie Richards vs. Tajiri vs. The Hurricane vs. William Regal vs. Akio vs. Big Show vs. Billy Kidman vs. Carlito vs. Eddie Geuerrero vs. JBL vs. Paul London vs. RVD vs. The Undertaker vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. JC Bailey vs. El Generico vs. Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin vs. Abyss vs. AJ Styles vs. Primetime vs. Michael Shane vs. D-Ray 3000 vs. Shark Boy vs. Jushin Thunder Lyger vs. Jay lethal
Survivors of Over The Top Rope Elimination Samoa and Joe and AJ Styles (Final Four were Aj, Samoa Joe, Billy Kidman, and Austin Aries)
Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles
Winner: Samoa Joe at 15:01 by pinfall after Muscle Buster

Joey Styles: Samoa Joe congratulations on winning the WHC now come here to get your belt. *Joe comes up to the annoucers table poses with the belt and leaves while AJ is getting up in the ring while the fans roar there appreciation* Now AJ you look pretty mad in there right now but this Monday you will be the very first man that World Heavyweight Champion Samoa Joe defends against and it will aslo be HZE's first ever steel cage match. Thats right next Monday its AJ Styles vs. World Heavyweight Champion Samoa Joe inside of a solid steel cage!

*camera fades to black and we go off the air*
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