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How should WWE bring in Sting?

  • Hype up his debut the Raw before the 21st

    Votes: 9 20.0%
  • Don't announce the person as Sting and have him appear on the 21st

    Votes: 36 80.0%
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Assuming it's actually sting for that video:

With so many people here for sure tuning into the 21st show to see if its sting or not, do you think it'd be best for WWE to announce it's sting who's coming on the 21st or just have him appear on that raw?

People knew bret was returning on last years raw and the show did end up getting huge ratings, so if they announce the person is sting, we could see a huge boost in ratings and we still wouldn't know when in the show he's returning(similar to jerichos return, ppl knew it was him, just never knew when in the show he was returning).

I'd rather they announce the person is sting instead of just having him appear on Raw. Cause people will be tuning in the whole show waiting to see when he appears and when he does appear, it'll still be as huge of a moment compared to if wwe didn't hype up stings appearence.
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