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After the ECW: One Night Stand, it would incredably sell to 4.2 million people on PPV (Not the real number). Paul Heyman took advantage of this, and would contact the major hardcore wrestling promotions, and some smaller ones, to what would be a joining. All these federations would come together to join the giagantic Hardcore Wrestling Alliance. Paul Heyman would only take the best wrestlers in those federations, and put them onto a huge roster. After one year, he would puts advertising for the first HWA PPV, Independance Day. Paul Heyman was fired from this WWE position after 3 days on it on air, and he would wait until July for the actual PPV.

IWA: Mid-South + Extreme Wresting Federation + Extreme Coastal Championship Wrestling + Hardkore Championship Wrestling Inc. + Xtreme Championship Wrestling + Xtreme Maximum Championship Wrestling + Xtreme Wrestling Alliance + Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling + UWA Hardcore Wrestling + Combat Zone Wrestling + World Xtreme Wrestling = Hardcore Wrestling Alliance

Promoter: Paul Heyman
Territory: Ontario, Canada to the South-East Coast of Florida

Faces (No Particular Order):
Chris Hero
“The Anarchist” Arik Cannon
Matt Sydal
Mark Wolf
Shark Boy
Ian Rotten
Necro Butcher
Madman Pondo
Balls Mahoney
Axl Rotten
Drunk Adam
Aaron Idol
Black Dragon
Sonjay Dutt
Michael Quackenbush
Masato Tanaka
Bubba Deadly
D-Von Deadly
Rob Van Dam
Ultimo Dragon
La Parka

Heels (No Particular Order):
Sidd Murder
Dropkick Murphy
“Nasty” Nate Daniels
Colt Steele
Rockin Rebel
Nate Hatred
Sexxxy Eddy
Jay Lethal
Too Cool Scorpio
Mike Awesome
Jamal Musatfa
New Jack
John Kronus
Gary Wolfe
Justin Credible
Steve Corino
Mikey Whipwreck
Kid Kash
Lance Storm
Little Guido
Tracy Smothers
Tony Mamaluke
Chris Chetti
Danny Doring

Tag Teams (Italics = Heel):
Kid Kash & Nova
Danny Doring & Roadkill
Tracy Smothers & Tony Mamaluke
Madman Pondo & Wifebeater
The Deadly Boyz
Chair Swinging Freaks
Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck
The Impact Players
Jamal Mustafa & New Jack
Black Dragon & Ultimo Dragon
Sonjay Dutt & Gemini

Dawn Marie (The Impact Players)
Roddy Piper (Messiah)
Bill Alfonso (Rob Van Dam)

Title Belts:
HWA World Championship
HWA United States Championship
HWA Canadian Championship
HWA El Luchador Championship
HWA Tag Team Championship
HWA Iron Man Championship

January – New Year’s Brawl
February – Bloodmesh
March – March Madness
April – Storm Surge
May – Mayhem!
June – Rulez Out For The Summer!
July – Independence Day
August – Canadian Carnage
September – September To Remember
October – Oktoberfest
November – Thanksbleeding
December – Holiday Hell

Weekly Show:
HWA Dead End (Non-Televised) – Every Wednesday

Independence Day Results:
- HWA United States Championship was on the line between Chris Hero, Aaron Idol, Chris Cheeti, and Too Cool Scorpio. After a grueling battle between all four men, Chris Cheeti came away with a victory after pinning Aaron Idol, while Too Cool Scorpio and Chris Hero were outside of the ring brawling it out.

- HWA Canadian Championship was up for grabs next as John Kronus, Gary Wolfe, and Homicide went after it. Wolfe and Homicide basically fought the whole matched as Kronus stayed behind saving energy as the other two men used theirs. Finally after Wolfe hit a neck breaker drop on Homicide, Kronus took charge and pulled a Kronus Splash on Wolfe. Kronus would then pin Wolfe and win the Canadian Championship.

- The HWA Tag Team Championship was next to be fought for. AN 10 Tag Team ladder match was held, arguably the best match of the night. Like usually old ECW rules, it was an elimination match. Each tag team was eliminated when one of the members was pinned. Finally it came down to The Deadly Boyz and Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck. The ladders were finally brought out and tag titles pulled down. After a 10-minute brawl with each other, The Deadly Boyz would eventually grab the titles from afloat.

- The HWA Iron Man Championship was next, after Paul Heyman respectively choose Steve Corino and Ruckus to go at it in a 4/5 Iron Man match. After Corino got the first two pins, Ruckus would get the next two coming down to a final pinfall. Not to anyone’s surprise, Corino would prevail to become to the first HWA Iron Man Championship.

- HWA El Luchador Championship was next up. Matt Sydal, Ultimo Dragon, Black Dragon, La Parka, Dropkick Murphy, Little Guido, and Shark Boy would be in a 7 man elimination match. Once all the high flying, reversal moves were over with, the match really became technical once it was down to Matt Sydal, Ultimo Dragon, and Little Guido would be left. Ultimo Dragon would eventually pin Sydal, and then Guido.

- Finally the HWA World Championship match was up. In a 20 man Battle Royal, it came down to Rob Van Dam, Mike Awesome, Rhino and surprisingly Jay Lethal. All the men ganged unfairly up on Jay Lethal, and got him out. Then it was a three-way battle. After RVD and Rhino fought it out, Mike Awesome would eventually come in and bash then both up. Putting their differences aside for a minute, Rhino and RVD would gang up on Mike Awesome and eventually flip him over the ropes. After an incredible 20 minute stand off between each other, RVD would dropkick Rhino over the ropes.
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