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*Metalingus* by Alter Bridge blasts through the arena as Raw goes Live on USA. The camera spins around the arena as The Fireworks go off. The fans are going crazy as the camera goes to Good Ole' JR, and Jerry "The King" Lawler.

JR: Welcome to WWE Raw is War! I'm Jim Ross, and alongside me, my partner, Jerry "The King" Lawler. And what a night we have planned for you people tonight!

KING: Thats right JR, no matches, no promos, nothing. Tonight we will have the third Annual Draft! I can't wait JR!

JR: Looks like things are going to start off right away, because here comes the Boss.

*NO CHANCE* Blasts through the arena, and Vince McMahon struts down to the ring to a mkixed reaction from the Fans. He taunts the crowd, and goes, and gabs a mic.

VINCE: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to a new era! Tonight, we are going to start this new era off with a Draft Lottery. I know all of you people are wondering, who are the General Managers? Well, I'm going to answer that question. The General Managers of Raw are none other than Shane McMahon and Eric Bischoff

JR: Oh No! Eric Bischoff is Back!

KING: Good I can't wait until next week! Raw will be back to normal once again!

JR: Well, lets hope that...

KING: Have some respect JR, the boss is trying to speak!

VINCE: Things are going to be a little different this time around. The Superstars are going to serve as somewhat of a Board of Trustees. If one General Manager has an Idea, the superstars will be able to over-ride his decision, and go with the idea of the other General Manager. But not all the time, only if the General Managers ask for their assistance. You are all wondering why I have chosen for each Brand to have two General Managers. One General Manager will remain the same as any other General Manager, and the other one will serve as a Commisioner type General Manager. I'm going to announce the General Managers for Smackdown on Smackdown. As for tonight, every WWE Employee will be able to be Drafted. From Triple H, to Earl Hebner. Now, the rules of the Draft are as alaways. accept, each General Manager will get 5 picks each. Now, without further adue, lets get this thing started!

Shane McMahon and Eric Bischoff make their way down to the ring, and The Draft is started.

ERIC: Shane and I have disscussed this, and I will be drawing from Raw, and Shane will be Drawing from Smackdown. So, my first pick is none other than...SHAWN MICHAELS!

The camera goes backstage, and HBK is shown. He is celebrating with the other guys on Raw, as pats his chest, and points towards the sky.

SHANE: Alright guys, now it's time for things to get a little bit interesting! It's time for someone from Smackdown to come to Raw. The guy that is coming to Raw is.......KURT ANGLE!

The camera goes to the Smackdown locker room. Kurt Angle rips his Smackdown shirt off, and stomps on it.

KURT: I'll see you losers later.

Kurt walks out of the Smackdown Locker room, and he makes his way to the Raw Locker room. He walks up to Batista, and looks at The World Title, then back at Batista. Angle then walks over to Shawn Michaels. Michaels stands up, and the two are face to face as Raw takes its first Commercial Break.

ERIC: Ladies and Gentlemen, my next pick is...he is the biggest peice of Oklahoma Crap, Jim Ross.

JR drops his headset, and stands up. Staring right at Eric Bischoff, he makes his way down to the ring. JR gets into the ring, and takes his hat off. He gets face to face with Eric Bischoff.

ERIC: Oh No! Did I make you mad JR? You need to realize before you do anything stupid, that I'm a Black Belt in Martial Arts. I will knock you out 'Sooner' than you can say Oklahoma Sucks!

JR nails Eric Bischoff with a huge right hand, knocking him out cold. The fans are going crazy, as JR calmly walks back over to his announcing position, and puts the headset back on. The King is looking at JR in shock, as Shane McMahon takes his pick form the Smackdown Roster.

SHANE: My second pick from Smackdown is one of the up and coming stars in the WWE. He is The Reflection of Perfection, Mark Jindrak!

Mark Jindrak shakes hands with some of the Faces in the Smackdown Locker room, before making his way out. Jindrak walks down the hallway, and approaches the Raw Locker room. He opens the door, and walks in. HHH and Ric Flair walk up to him, as Jindrak gets ready for a fight.

HHH: Woah man, I'm not looking for a fight. I'm just letting you know, Evolution is looking for some new young frsh guys to make a bigger impact than before in the WWE. And since your new coming in, this would be a perfect way to get recognized. Think about it.


Raw takes it's second commercial break, as Mark Jindrak thinks about what was just said to him.

JR: Welcome back to Raw! We are almost halfway through the Draft, with Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman having 3 more picks each.

KING: And I think that it's Eric Bischoff's pick JR.

ERIC: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to announce that the man that Raw revolves around is here to say, thats right, my pick to stay on Raw is TRIPLE H!

*TIME TO PLAY THE GAME* hits, and Triple H and Ric Flair walk down to the ring to an enormous amount of heat from the crowd. HHH grabs a mic, and begins to speak.

HHH: Why don't you people shut your mouths and listen to what I have to say. I'm talking to the guys in the back, and to the guys on Smackdown that might be coming to Raw. Me and Ric have been talking, and we have decided to open the doors back up to Evolution. Now over the next couple of weeks, we're going to be scouting guys. We're going to be looking for guys who make an Impact. Instead of Four members of Evolution, this time around, we're going to have Five members of Evolution. And who knows, a new member could join tonight. And after the Draft, I’m issuing an open challenge to anyone on Raw who thinks they can beat me. Everyone accept Batista, so if anyone has the guts, come one down to the ring later tonight.

Triple H drops the mic, and heads to the back as Shane McMahon takes his pick.

SHANE: The next guy that is coming over to the premier brand of WWE is a former ECW Champion. He is Smackdown’s lead commentator, Tazz

Tazz comes down to the announce table, and taps Jerry Lawler on the Shoulder. Jerry looks up, and sees Tazz. He stands to his feet, and gives Tazz his headset. Jerry then goes to the back with the fans booing the fact that Jerry Lawler is no longer on Raw.

TAZZ: Well, I’m on Raw. Never thought it would happen JR.

JR: Well Tazz, as much as I hate to see King go, glad to have you here. Welcome to Raw.

ERIC: Well now that we have The King off of Raw, I guess it’s time I see who is going to stay on Raw. Well, look who it is. Raw is thankful to keep Mr. Money in The Bank, EDGE!

The camera goes back to the Raw locker room. Edge stands up, and walks up to Batista.

EDGE: Well Champ. Looks like I’m still on Raw. To bad for you Huh? I just want you to know, that title is mine! You have no idea how long I have waited for that Title to be around my waist. Nobody is listening to me when I say that I will be the next World Heavyweight Champion. Batista, enjoy that Belt while you can, because it’s going to be Mine!

Raw goes to a commercial Break.

JR: Well Tazz, it looks like Edge is still right here on Raw.

TAZZ: I’ve been in the ring with Edge a lot of times. And it’s great keeping him on Raw.

SHANE: Ladies and Gentlemen, the next Smackdown star that is coming to Raw is the “Coolest” superstar in the WWE. Please Welcome, CARLITO CARRIBIAN COOL![/COLOR]

*I SPIT IN THE FACE OF PEOPLE WHO AREN’T COOL* is heard all throughout the arena. And Carlito walks down to the ring. Carlito grabs a mic.

CCC: Finally, Carlito is Finally on Raw. Now I can make an Impact, and I’m going to make one tonight during Triple H’s open Challenge. Oh Yeah, you people get a two for one deal. Your not only getting Carlito Carribian Cool, your also getting Carlito’s Cabana. And next week, my guest is going to be the other wanna-be Talk Show Host, “Y2J” Chris Jericho. That is, if he is still on Raw.

Carlito leaves the ring as Eric Bischoff takes his last pick.

ERIC: Ladies and Gentlemen, my last pick is none other than…The World Heavyweight Champion, BATISTA!

*BATISTA’S MUSIC* hits, and he comes down to the ring in a suit, with the World Heavyweight Title on his shoulder. The fans are going crazy and Batista grabs a mic.

BATISTA: I’m sure you all heard the good news. I’m still on Raw. And to all of you guys backstage that are going to try and take this belt off of my shoulder, I have something to say to you. I just want you to know that nobody has been able to get the job done. Not Randy Orton, not Kane, and especially not Triple H. After two matches, one at Wrestlemania and one at Backlash, Triple H couldn’t get the job done. So Kurt Angle, you want to come to Raw and try to be the big man on campus. Well guess what? Until you have this Title around your waist, you are nothing. And Edge, all you do is Whine about how you don’t have the Title, you should have the title, this and that, blah blah. Why don’t you shut your big mouth, and prove that you deserve to have this Title. Who ever the number one contender is, I’m waiting. I’ll beat you like I have everyone else, rather it be Triple H or Trish Stratus.

Batista leaves the ring, as Shane McMahon takes his very last pick from The Smackdown Roster.

SHANE: Ok, I’m not going to waist any time. The last person from Smackdown that is coming over to Raw. He is REY MYSTERIO!

The camera is backstage, and Rey Mysterio steps out of the Smackdown locker room. He stares right into the camera and begins to speak.

REY: Triple H, earlier tonight you issued an open challenge to anyone but Batista. I got to know, why do you not want to face Batista? Can you not beat him? Are you scared of Batista? Well Triple H, I just ant you to know, that I’m not afraid of you at all. That’s why tonight, as a matter of fact up next, it’s going to be Triple H vs. Rey Mysterio! I will see you in the ring Trips.

*TIME TO PLAY THE GAME* hits, and Triple H comes to the ring with a cocky look on his face. Ric Flair follows close behind, and they both get in the ring and await Rey Mysterio.

*619* hits, and Rey Mysterio runs to the ring to a huge response from the crowd. Mysterio slides into the ring, and HHH starts to stomp on him as the match begins.

TRIPLE H w/ ric flair vs. REY MYSTERIO

Summary: Triple H is controlling the match with Rey Mysterio getting Little to no offense. Triple H throws Mysterio out of the ring, and beats him down on the outside. Triple H goes back inside the ring, and Ric Flair interferes. The Referee makes Flair go to the back. Triple H goes back to the outside, and throws Mysterio back inside the ring. Rey Mysterio gets some offense and takes contol of the match. Mysterio gets Triple H down to one knee, and give him a thunderous DDT.

Ending: Rey Mysterio dropkicks Triple H, he lands on the bottome turnbuckle. Rey Mysterio then gives Triple H a Bronco Buster. Triple H then uses the ropes to help himself up, but Mysterio gives him another Dropkick, knocking him back down to both knees. Triple H is up against the ropes, and Rey Mysterio gives him a 619. Followed by the West Coast Pop. Rey Mysterio pins Triple H, and the ref quickly counts 1.2.3!

Aftermath: Triple H gets up, and he is irate. Mysterio is heading up the ramp, but someone attacks him from behind. Triple H looks on from the ring as the person continues t attack Rey Mysterio. That person turns out to be MARK JINDRAK! Jindrak hits him with his finishing manuver, the Mark of Excellence. Jindrak takes Mysterio down to the ring, and Triple H gives him a sever beating. Ric Flair joins Triple H and Mark Jindrak, and he goes to ringside and gets a Sledge Hammer. Flair gives the Sledge Hammer to Triple H. Flair and Jindrak hold Mysterio up, as Triple H nails him with a huge shot to the head with the Sledge Hammer. Triple H drops the Sledge Hammer, and gives Rey Mysterio a Pedigree. Triple H then takes Rey’s mask off. Triple H, Mark Jindrak and Ric Flair stand over Rey Mysterio as Evolution music starts to play. The fans give Evolution a ton of heat as Raw goes off the air.
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Well, Raw is Finished. And I also want to announce that leonard_dodotigers is going to be doing Raw, and I will now be doing Smackdown. Smackdown will be up as soon as I get finished. And Leonard will continue the Raw side of the WWE.

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Carlito Carribian Cool
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho

Chris Masters
Eric Bischoff

Gene Snitsky
Jim Ross

Jonathan Coachman
Kurt Angle
Lillian Garcia
Mark Jindrak
Muhammad Hassan

Rey Mysterio
Ric Flair
Rob Conway

Shawn Micaels
Shelton Benjamin

Simon Dean
Stacy Keibler
Steven Richards

Sylvain Grenier
The Hurricane
Todd Grisham
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Tyson Tomko

Val Venis
William Regal


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Huntersni, I know you from both Prowrestling and wrestlingnewsworld. Great to see you have continued your writing and you've joined a great place to do it. That piece of writing was exellently written just write your whole show at a time and copy and paste it here. Goodluck for the future, keep working at it and it should be a great one.

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Thanks man, I'll be checking out your Unforgiven, Card looks great.

I'm starting this thing over. This time with the help of leonard_dodotigers. He will be doing RAW and I will do SMACKDOWN. We are deciding our rosters right now.
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