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The Fireworks go off, and the fans are going crazy. As the camera goes to the announce booth.

TONY: That's right people, WCW is BACK

BOBBY: Welcome to the return of WCW! What? Who is that?

TONY: It's Dusty Rhodes! He is back in WCW!

*COUNTRY MUSIC* Starts to play, and Dusty Rhodes comes to the ring with a microphone in hand.

DUSTY: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to WCW Monday Nirto! We are finally back baby! I know you all are wondering how did Dusty Rhodes get the WCW from Vince McMahon? Well, to tell you the truth, Dusty Rhodes had absolutly nothing to do with it. A man that took this company to the top, A man that made WCW what it is today, A man that lied, cheated, did everything he could to make sure WCW beat the WWE 86 weeks in a row. The former WWE Raw General Manager, ERIC BISCHOFF! He will be out here in just a minute, but I know you all want to know who i brought to WCW, right? I signed the old WCW! Goldberg, DDP, Sting, Kanyon, Sid Vicious, Lex Luger, Bret Hart, The Outsiders, and Hollywood Hulk Hogan! But thats not all, When I left Total Nonstop Action, I didn't come alone. I brought with me AJ Styles, The Truth Ron Killings, Jeff Jarrett, and Konnan! Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, The New WCW Commisioner, Eric Bischoff!

*I'M BACK* is heard throughout the arena, and Eric Bischoff come down to the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

ERIC: Atlanta Georgia! (The crowd cheers to the cheap pop) I also borrowed some guys from VInce, What am I saying, I stole them right out from under his nose. Test, Chris Benoit, Booker T, Ric Flair, Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns, Rey Mysterio Jr, The Big Show, and last but most Definatly not least, BATISTA! Somehow Hulk Hogan was named WCW World Heavyweight Champion. I think that is the most ridiculous thing I have seen in a long time. He doesn't deserve the World Title, a man that deserves the World Title is the man that was going to take the WWE Title from HHH at WrestleMania, and he is BATISTA! So tonight, The Main Event will be Hulk Hogan vs Batista vs A new face in WCW, Luther Reigns vs The Nature Boy, Ric Flair in a Four way Dance for the WCW Title. I have also heard of the little alliance between Jeff Jarrett, Mark Jindrak, and Luther Reigns, so if you two get involved in this match, Luther Reigns will be taken out of the match! Up next, Rey Mysterio will Battle AJ Styles in some cruiserweight Action!

BOBBY: You heard it, a Fatal Four way match tonight for the World Heavyweight Title. What a night this will be for the return of WCW.

TONY: Brain, Hulk Hogan isn't even hear yet. He has no clue what is going on.

BOBBY: You sound like you want Hogan to lose the Title. He is a legend, he can end your pethetc carreer. He is our WCW champion!

TONY: Settle down Brain. Up next, as the Bisch said, it will be AJ Styles versus Rey Mysterio Jr! We will be right back fans!

BRAIN: His name is Eric Bischoff!

- Tender Crisp Bacon Chedder Ranch
- Birdman Lugz
- Miller Light

TONY: Welcome back everyone. We have just recieved word that Hulk Hogan has just arrived at the arena, and he isn't happy about what Eric Bischoff announce.

BRAIN: I wouldn't be happy either. He deserves that title, this is a disgrace.

TONY: Lets go to our next match, AJ Styles against Rey Mysterio.

BRAIN: Wait Just a minute, I don't think AJ will be wrestling tonight, take a look at this.


Bischoff: AJ, please, you have a match. Were are you going?

AJ: Shut up Bischoff! I havn't even signed the contract yet. You said Dusty told me I would be making money right off the bat. Then you say that the Big Players of this peice of crap company are going to be making the dough. You were saying Good job Dusty, you got him to sign, now WWE can't touch him. Guess What? I'm going somewhere where I can acctually compete without being cheated. I QUIT!

Ron Killings and Konnan run up and try and talk AJ into staying with WCW. But AJ decks Killings, and the fight is on. Killings jumps up, and they start a brawl in the hallway. Konnan tries to pull Killings away from Styles, but it doesn't work. Killings breaks loose, and throws AJ against a the wall. AJ grabs Killings' hair, and slams him down on the ground. He starts nailing him in the face, Killings throws AJ off of him, and he gets to his feet. He kicks AJ in the nose. Goldberg, DDP, Lex Luger, along with Security and Other WCW Wrestlers pull he two former friends apart.

AJ: Killings! you want a fight? Me and You at Souled Out in a street Fight! This time, nobody will be able to pull me off of you! And Bischoff, you and Dusty better figure something out by the time Souled Out comes around, or I'm out of here.

BISCHOFF: I have a better Idea, why wait until Souled Out? AJ, I promised these loyal fans a Match, which you were supposed to be involved in, so starting right now, there will be a No Disqualification Match between you and Ron Killings! Get a referee over here! Go ahead, let them go! These fans want to see this Fight Happen right now!

They let the two men go, and AJ pushes Killings, and gets in his face. Killings swings at AJ and Nails him in his already hurt nose. The refferee arrives, and the Match Begins.

AJ Styles vs Ron Killings

Killings throws AJ through a door, into The Outsider's Locker room. Nash and Hall jump up, and grab their baseball bats. Konnan and Rey Mysterio see that They are about to nail Styles and Killings, so they run in and try to take Nash and Hall out. There is an all out Brawl in the room. Killings opens the door to the Bathroom, and puts AJ's head in. He then slams the door on AJ's head. Mysterio and Konnan are fighting with Nash and Hall, Mysterio grabs a chair, and nails Nash's Knees. Nash falls down to his knees, and Rey Mysterio gives him a DDT. Konnan Nails Hall with a chair knocking him down. Rey and Konnan run out of the Lockerroom, as Nash and Hall grab their bats and follow them. AJ is still down in the bathroom, Killings looks in the toilet, and laughs, as there is a whole toilet bowl full of poop. He picks AJ up by the head, and attempts to put his head in the toilet, but Styles gives him an Elbow to the stomach, and rips the toilet seat off of the toilet. He Nails Killings with it. The ref tells them to take back out into the hallway, because it stinks in the Bathroom. AJ drags Killings all the way out to the parking lot. He slams Killings into the side of a car. Killings makes his way up, and AJ runs at Killings, Killings moves, and slams AJ's head through the car window. AJ is now wearing a Crimson Mask, as his face is covered in Blood. Killings then starts to nail AJ in the Face. AJ sees something on the ground beside him. It is a Hammer, he picks the Hammer up, and Nails Killings in the face with it about three times right above the eye. Killings is now bleeding also. AJ runs over and picks up a chair. He stomps on Killings some more, and Killings is motionless on the croncrete floor. AJ lifts up the chair, and Nails Killings in the side of the head. Killings start to shake, and AJ picks him up, and takes him to the tope of the car. he sets him up for the Styles Clash, but Dusty Rhodes runs over with Security, and some Wrestlers begging AJ not to do it. AJ says he won't do it on top of the car, AJ then JUMPS OFF OF THE CAR, GIVING KILLINGS THE STYLES CLASH ONTO THE HARD CONCRETE FLOOR! AJ starts to laugh, and then walks back into the arena, screaming at Killings, I'll see you a the Pay-Per-View. Paramedics run over to tend to Ron Killings, and Dusty says he will take care of this.

TONY: Brain, I can't believe what we just witnessed. AJ Styles giving Ron Killings a Styles Clash off the roof of a car. All of this because of AJ Styles not getting what he wanted. Fans, we Don't know what to say about this situation. Paramedics has just taken Ron Killings to a local hospital.

BRAIN: I know Tony, what kind of a man would to that to someone? I understand that the rest of the Filthy Animals aren't happy about this situation. Take a look at this

*CAN YOU DIG IT? SUCKA!!* Blasts through the arena, and Booker T, along with Konnan and Rey Mysterio come down to the ring. Booker goes to Ringside and grabs a mic.

BOOKER: AJ Styles! I don't who you think you are, but you better know this. The whole thing with Ron isn't going to go away anytime soon. You see, you have now made 4 new enemies. And you will recieve what is coming to you, as a matter of fact, why don't you get yo' butt out here right now, because I'm going to show you what happens when you mess with the Filthy Animals.

Dusty Rhodes shows up on the Titan Tron, and begins to speak.

DUSTY: Guys, I know your mad. I'm not to happy myself, and I can't promise that Ron Kilings will be back in time for the PPV. He has a Minor Concussion, and a Fractured Nose. But I do agree that AJ Styles needs to know that what he did was wrong, and ungrateful. Therefore, Next Week, it will be AJ Styles vs Booker T, and the following weeks, Rey Mysterio and Konnan will fight AJ. I'm going to make sure you all get a peice of him. When Ron makes his return to WCW, If any of you two touch each other until Souled Out, you will be suspended for 30 Days eithout pay. I have given AJ the rest of the night off, but right now, due to the actions in the Match between Styles and Killings, Rey Mysterio and Konnan will face Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in a Tag Team Match.

*HOOOWWWLLL* is heard throughout the arena, and Kevin Nash and Scott Hall come down to the ring, to a mixed reaction from reaction from the crowd. Konnan and Rey Mysterio stare them down from insider the ring.

The Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) vs The Filthy Animalz (Rey Mysterio and Konnan)

Konnan and Scott Hall start the match off. They lock up, and Scott Hall over powers Konnan, as he pushes him into The Outsider's corner. Hall starts to kick Konnan in the gut, as Kevin Nash chokes him. The refferee makes Nash Break the choke hold, as Scott Hall continues to stomp a mudhole in Konnan. Hall picks Konnan up, and gives him a Scoop Slam. He Taunts the crowd, as Rey Mysterio climbs onto the Top Turnbuckle. Hall turns around and sees Mysterio on the Turnbuckle, and Rey dives off, attempting to give Hall a Cross Body Dive. Scott Hall catches him in mid-air, and gives him a Body Slam. Scott Hall then Tags Kevin Nash in. Nash gives Konnan a clothesline over the Top Rope. Nash then picks up Rey, and throws him over the top rope, landing on Konnan. Nash starts to Laugh, and Taunt Konnan and Rey. Konnan slowly gets back into the ring, never taking his eyes off of his former Wolfpac Leader. He runs at Nash, and he attempts to give Konnan a clothesline, but Konnan ducks, and gives Nash a Dropkick to the knees, taking Nash down hard. Konnan goes and tags Mysterio in, and they start to Double Team Nash. Scott Hall tries to get in the ring, which distracts the Referee. Nash gets up, and Konnan and Rey run up against the ropes, bounce off of them, and gives Nash a Double DDT. Rey goes to the Top Rope, and gives Nash a 450 Splash. Konnan goes to his corner, as Rey Mysterio takes control of the Match. Nash gets up on one knee, and gets a Dropkick from Mysterio. Rey runs up against the ropes, and gives Nash a moonsault. Nash is up on one knee again, and Mysterio him an Ezigury. Mysterio runs over and takes out Hall. Nash is up, and he gives Mysterio a Big Boot. He picks Mysterio up by his head, and throws him across the ring with one hand. Konnan runs in, and Gives Nash a dropkick to the Back of the head, with Nash landing on the ropes in the 619 position. Rey gets up, and sees this opportunity. He gives Kevin Nash a 619, and Konnan takes out Scott Hall. Konnan throws Hall into the Metal Pole. Konnan runs back into the ring, and Konnan rolls Nash up, and Rey sits on Nash's chest. They pin Kevin Nash 1...2...3!
WINNER by pinfall: The Filthy Animalz, Rey Mysterio and Konnan

Aftermath: Rey and Konnan run up the ramp and celebrate, as Nash and Hall look at them in Shock.

TONY: Fans, stay tuned, after the Break, Jeff Jarrett will Battle a Mystery Opponent.

-Souled Out Preview

Jeff Jarret is already in the ring, as he awaits his opponent. The fans burst into cheers as they here some familiar music. *BUFF DADDY* hits, and Buff Bagwell dances down to the ring.

Jeff Jarrett vs Buff Bagwell
Buff is dancing around in the ring showing off his muscles and getting under Jarrett’s nerves. They lock up and Buff with a headlock and now he takes him back to the ropes and Jeff throws him into the ropes and Buff comes back and dodges the big right hand and turns round. He hits him with a kick and a DDT. Buff rolls him over and goes for the cover 1…2… and a near fall. Buff picks up Jeff and throws him to the outside. Buff follows and starts throwing right hands to the head of Jeff and now Buff Irish Whips Jeff right into the steel railing. Jeff grabs his back and feels the pain. Buff now comes up to Jeff and hits his head against the steel stairs. Buff starts laughing at him and throws him back into the ring. Buff with a cover 1…2… and Jeff kicks out. Buff now gets up and just has a huge smile on his face and Jeff catches Buff with a low blow and now Jeff going on the assault. Jeff with big right hands and now a kick and a DDT and Jeff puts himself back in the match. A cover 1…2… and Buff kicks out. Jeff now thinks that he is getting the upper hand and now is ready to bring out the big guns. Jeff goes to the outside and grabs his guitar. Jeff now comes back into the ring and the referee is warning Jeff. Lex Luger is coming down the aisle. Lex now enters the ring and Jeff goes for a swing but Luger dodges out of the way and Luger capitalises with a DDT. Buff is slowly getting up and he sees Luger in the ring. Luger picks up Jeff’s guitar and raises it up in the air. Buff is distracting the referee and Jarrett gets up and turns around and Lex nails him with the guitar. Lex gets out of the ring as Buff goes to the top rope. Jarrett is getting up and and he turns around and Buff nails him with the Buff Blockbuster and Buff with a cover 1…2…3
Winner:Buff Bagwell

Aftermath: Buff and Lex Embrace, as Totally Buffed is reunited

TONY: Buff Bagwell is back in WCW!

BRAIN: So is Totally Buffed!

TONY: Hey, Why is Ric Flair coming out here?

*RIC FLAIR'S MUSIC* is heard throughout the arena, and Ric Flair comes out to the ring, and grabs a microphone.

FLAIR: First of all, I'm glad that WCW is Back on it's feet once again. I want to thank you Fans for giving me another chance, for giving WCW another chance, because without you, we would be nothing. I would like to applaude you guys. I have an opportunity to become a 17 Time WCW World Heavyweight Champion Tonight. and beleive me, I will beat Hogan, Batista, and Reigns. Back in the WWE, I was nothing. I was being used by Triple H, so he could get a ride to the top of the Roster. Then, Batista made me realise that I could do much better. He told me I was a 16 Time WCW Champion, he asked me why I was kissing Triple H's Butt? He was right, Triple H new that I was still Ric Flair, The Dirtiest Player in The Game, (Ric takes his Jacket off, and starts to do the traditional Dance around the ring) WHOO! The Jet Flyin', Limosine Ridin', Wheeling, Dealing son-of-a-gun. The Nature Boy, WHOOOO. And I told him the same thing I'm telling the Three Guys I'm fighting tonight, To be The man, You gotta beat the man! WHOOO! And Ric Flair is STILL the man!

*VOODOO CHILD* hits the speakers, and Hulk Hogan comes down to the ring in a Tight Short-Sleeve Black Shirt, Black Jeans, Black Sunglasses, and a Black Bandanna with the Title across his Shoulder. He gets in the ring, and stands nose-to-nose with Ric Flair.

HOGAN: WCW is Back once again! Flair, your saying that your still the man? How many Times have you been beaten by me? Flair, you don't even need to be in the same building as me. You were here before there ever was a WCW. People say you made WCW, you also turned your back on WCW. You went to Raw, with This very Title, and you say that you deserve to be Champion? I got one thing to say to you, Tonight in the Match, you can try to prove me wrong!

On the Titan Tron, Luther Reign is shown being loaded into an Ambulance. He has a giant Gash in his head. The camera then turns around to see Batista holding a Sledge Hammer. Hogan and Flair are shocked in the ring.

BATISTA: One Down! Two to go!

Batista then goes to the ring, but is held back by security. Eric Bischoff runs over to were Batista is.

ERIC: The Fatal Four Way Elimination Match is now a Triple Threat Match, and Batista, in 20 minutes, you will be able to get your hands on Hogan and Flair, but your not going to take out two of my biggest stars. Go and get ready for your match, as for you two, that little exchange of words was nothing but a waste of airtime. Get out of my Ring!
Hogan and Flair head to the back as Norman Smiley comes down to the ring with a Trash Can full of Chairs, Sledge Hammers, Trays, A Stop Sign, and other objects inside of it. Norman gets in the ring, and awaits his opponent.

*WELL...WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW* hits, and the 7 foot 500 pund Giant comes down to the ring, as Norman grabs a chair and awaits him.

Hardcore Title
Norman Smiley(c) vs The Big Show

Big Show gets on the Apron, and gets nailed with a chair by Norman Smiley. Big Show starts to laugh at Norman, and gets in the ring. Norman runs at Show with the Chair, but Big Show gives him a Big Boot, knocking the Chair back into his face. Show picks up the chair, and slams it onto Norman's Back, he screams in Pain. Big Show takes the Stop Sign out of the Trashcan, and sets it up on The Middle Turnbckle. He grabs Norman, and throws him into the Stop Sign head first. He picks the trash can up, and dumps everything out of it. He picks Norman up, and puts the on his head, coming all the way down to his elbows. Sho gets the Sledge Hammer, and starts hitting the Trash can, knocking Norman around. Norman falls down on his Knees, and Big Show raises the Sledge Hammer, and Nails the top of the Trashcan, knocking Norman out cold. He takes the Trashcan off of Smiley, and hits him in the head with it. He picks Norman up on hi shoulders, and carries him to the top of the Stage. Show signals for the Chokeslam, and grabs Smiley by the throat. he carries him over to the edge of the stage, and Chokeslams Norman Smiley off of the stage through a table! He then goes down to wear he is, and covers him 1...2...3!
Winner via Pinfall: NEW Hardcore Champion, The Big Show.

Aftermath: Big Show goes back on the Stage with The Hardcore Title,. Goldberg sneeks up behind the Big Show, and waits for him to turn around. Show finally turns around, and Goldberg spears The Big Show off of the other side of the Stage. Both men are down, but Goldberg gets up. He screams to Big Show, YOUR NEXT! as his music plays.

-Souled Out
-Coors Light

BACKSTAGE: Ric Flair is shown in his locker room, and he is knocked out cold, and there is two Baseball Bats beside him. Dusty Rhodes walks up with Eric Bischoff, and they look at Flair, then at each other.

DUSTY: Who did this Bischoff?

ERIC: I have no clue, wait a minute

Bischoff picks up a baseball bat and looks at it, he then gets a serious look on his face.

ERIC: Follow me.

Eric and Dusty start to walk away, but The Outsiders step out in front of them?

HALL: Looking for us?

NASH: You guys don't think that we attacked Flair do you? Oh, there are our Bats, thanks for finding them guys. (nash and Hall start to laugh)

HALL: WCW is in for one big reunion. See you at the end of the show.

Nash and Hall snatch their bats away from Bischoff and Rhodes, and they walk away.


BATISTA: Remeber what to do, this is going to shock the World of Professional Wrestling.

???: I remember, these people will never see it coming.

TONY: Who is Batista talking to?

BOBBY: I don't know, but The Main Event is NEXT!


WCW World Heavyweight Title
Batista vs Hulk Hogan (c)

Batista comes down to the ring with a serious look on his face. *VOODOO CHILD* Blasts throught the spreakers, and Hulk Hogan comes out from behind the curtain using the World Title as a Guitar. He has the Black and White Feathers around his neck, along with the sunglasses and Bandanna. Batista is staring Hogan down as he slowly gets in the ring. Hogan gets in the ring, and Batista yells COME ON! Hogan stands there in shock. Batista steps up to Hogan's face, they are nose-to-nose. Batista looks like he is about to give Hogan a clothesline, but stops, and pushes his shoulder. Hogan falls to the mat. Batista gets on top of Hulk Hogan, and pins him 1...2...3!
Winner via pinfall: NEW WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Batista

Aftermath: Batista celebrates with his newly won World Title, as the fans boo him. The fans start to cheer as Ric Flair slowly walks down the aisle. Batista lays the Title down, and looks at Ric Flair and starts to laugh. Flair gets in the ring, and starts to freak out. He runs at Batista, and gives him chops, Hogan picks the Title up, and Batista pushes Ric Flair around,Hogan lays him out with the Title.

TONY: Someone needs to get out here and stop this, and I mean fast.

BOBBY: Well here come The Filthy Animals!

Booker T, Rey Mysterio, and Konnan run down to the ring to help Ric Flair. Booker T turns Hogan around, and starts to punch him, driving him into the corner. Rey Mysterio runs over and, they start to stomp on Hogan. Ric Flair and Konnan are doing the same to Batista. Batista gives Konnan and Flair a double clothesline. Totally Buffed slide into the ring, and take out Batista. Konnan goes over and helps Booker and Rey with Hogan, as Flair and Totally Buffed work on Batista. Goldberg runs down to the ring, with The Big Show following him. Everyone is fighting inside the ring. Goldberg is Fighting with The Big Show, Batista is Battling with Totally Buffed and Ric Flair, and Hulk Hogan is getting the Upperhand on The Filthy Animals. *HOOOWWWLLL* Blasts throught the arena, and Kevin Nash and Scott Hall walk out to the ramp, and look on. Big Show gives Goldberg a Chokeslam, and runs over to help Batista, he gives Totally Buffed a double Chokeslam, Batista gives Flair a Batista Bomb. Big Show, Batista, and Hulk Hogan surround The Filthy Animals. The Outsiders run down to the ring. They get in the ring, and Hall turns Batista around, as Kevin Nash gets in Big Show's face. All of a sudden, they smile at each other, and Nash and Hall start to beat the Holy Crap out of The Filthy Animals. Hogan goes to ringside, and gets a cooler from out from under the ring. He sits the cooler down, and opens it. He gives a can of spraypaint to Batista, and the big show. He tells them to do the honors. They spray paint an "N" on Mysterio, a "W" on Booker T, and an "O" on Konnan. They sit them side by side to wear it reads NWO. Hogan gives T-Shirts to Big Show, Batista, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall. They are nWo shirts, they put them on, and celebrate as the old nWo Music plays.

TONY: No, not again. Every time something happens in WCW, the nWo always has to return. Why this Time?

BOBBY: They won't last this time, WCW is to strong. Next week, it's payback time.

Thats all the time we have, tune in Next week to see what Eric Bischoff and Dusty Rhodes, along with WCW will do about this. Good Night Everyone.
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