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HUMMER H2 splash

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made this for a battle
the rules required me to put some of the car details in the picture.
now i dont know shit about cars, so i just considered these to be the most important information.
please correct me if im wrong.
and if there are any other aspects i can improve put them in too.
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I'm going to agree with Team here. I don't like the text at all. It just seems weird in the splash. The color is weird...but not bad. I think that the blending was done nicely though. So yeah, that's a positive.

And off-topic...does a H2 really just have 10 miles per gallon??? That's awful.

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If that was a real advert for it, i wouldnt buy it...realisticaly it isnt a advert. But thats ok cus u didnt want it to be an advert. (or did u?)

Though it does show off the effects used, quite well.

Text is terrible. The effects and the font. Also dont like the colour of it much.

Ah, can make out the blended pics...driving wheel, side of car, front of car...and a wheel. Right? ok. Now thats fine for a splash, but if it really was for advertising the car, wouldnt work i dont think. Also cus the stats are terrible, mostly the 10 miles to the gallon. It should be around 30 i think...(also dont know jack about that car)

You cant see much detail on the main pic (again bad if it was a real ad) cus of the colour, which isnt too much to my taste. But its alright.


This is a more of an 8/10 splash. Because of the good cuts and effects and all.

But i dont like the colours and text much, so im giving it a 7/10.........but u know it can be a 8

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no i didnt try to make an advert, it was just a splash for a battle.

and yeah about the 10 miles per gallon, i read that on a review. though, theres a high possibilty that i may have misunderstood it. so ill remove that part.

and what colour do you think i should use for it? like a shade of red , blue...etc?

since hummer is a big heavy duty car i tried to make the font appear atrong and destructive. guess that didnt work out too well. so any suggestion on how to improve that?
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