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Hulk Hogan Criticizes Rock's WWE Return

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Listen to the full interview - http://hulkshare.com/24aqh7czzazx
TNA star Hulk Hogan recently did an interview with Peter Rosenberg of HOT 97 FM. Hogan hyped the Impact taping in Fayetteville, NC being held tonight, and had the following to say concerning The Rock's return to WWE:

"That is one of the reasons me and Vince McMahon don't get along because we disagree on wrestling theory. He's a genius. He has done a great job keeping the business alive and keeping it rolling."

When asked if there was something Hogan didn't like about Rock's return

"Yeah, yeah. There is certain ways to do things. You know, for The Rock to come out and say, we've gone from Austin 3:16 to The People's Champion to all of a sudden, you can't see me (in whiny voice). They spent so much time building John Cena up. If it was me I would have said, from the Austin era to The People's Champion era to John Cena. And I just gotta know in my heart whose the better man. There is a way to really build somebody up. You know.

All of a sudden in three or four seconds he had the whole arena screaming that Cena sucks. Sometimes I just don't understand the philosophy because John Cena is going to be there all the time. And even though The Rock said he was back, he was only back for one day. He isn't going to be there wrestling every single week like John Cena is, you know, holding it down and keeping it real. All that stuff is scripted, they have Stephanie McMahon and writers telling The Rock exactly what to say. I just didn't understand why they wanted to destroy Cena so quickly.