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How WWE Can Turn This Week Around!

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A lot of people are pissed off about what happened this week so I have an idea that will instantly turn things around and guarantee an exciting programme this summer.

On Monday, start the show with Ziggler/Swagger/Vickie. At this point, all seems right with the world...just another tag match about to go down. As soon as they're in the ring, have Brock Lesnar come out with his own people (couple of generic guys) Don't play Brocks music...this is a party crash. Ziggler/Vickie/Swagger look confused and instead of trash talking like the usual stuff...they look nervous and keep looking at the stage. Obviously this wasn't meant to happen. They leave and Brock gets the mic. He begins by saying that he has no problem putting people over for money, especially Vince's little babyface Cena but goes on to say how Vince double crossed him (without going into too many details)....He explains "Let's see if any of your guys can keep my shoulders down when I don't let them". At this point the kids have no idea whats going on but it feels REAL.

Cut Brocks mic off and have security/WWE corporate people in suits come out (no wrestlers, it looks fake). Vince will come out with them and tries to reason with Brock (off the mic of course). The two guys have a conversation in the ring, Brock looks pissed. Vince is nervous. The TV goes OFF. Let the screen say "WWE RAW will return shortly, we're experiencing technical difficulties". After a couple of minutes when the coverage returns we're all outside the building. No professional camera's, just amateur stuff now. Police cars, journalists, fans, lights flashing. Brock says to the amateur camera "put Cena in a fight with me and I'll tear his f*cking head off" while walking away with his entourage. Wrestlers are caught on amateur video looking at the chaos taking place outside. No one is in character.

Now that that is over, let Vince come out and apologize to everyone in the building and at home for this and that he wishes they enjoy the rest of the show. The show continues and outcomes Ziggler/Swagger/Vickie again for their match...

This does a few things, but most importantly it builds Brock back up instantaneously and sets up a summer programme for another Cena match perhaps at SummerSlam. Wrestling is at it's best when it feels REAL and this would feel like Brock has gone AWOL and is genuinely pissed at the WWE. Thought?
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Yeah... I'd love to see Brock go on and on and on and on and on about something we already know and him trying to do a shot.

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What on earth makes you think the WWE is broken or needs to be saved or turn it around, your idea is horrible, specially with how Keyfabe is being real strong, or so it seems. This is a horrid thread.

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Lesnar snapped on the COO and has the guy walking around in a structural brace, it isn't gonna get more real than that. What needs to happen next week is Punk opening the show and being interrupted by Bryan, followed by the opening promo of their feud.
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