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In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I might start a thread on a fixture of the horror genre: Zombies.

Most have experienced at least one zombie related piece of media whether it be a TV Show like TWD, a video game like Dead Rising or a movie like NOTLD.

So my question is how would you handle a zombie apocalypse?

My response

Weapon: Baseball Bat (Aluminum)

Source of Food: Plants in my backyard

Source of Water: Rain water, rivers

Allies (How many): 10 maximum unless I wanted to start a trade town ala Fallout

General Strategy (i.e. stealth): Barricade and hide, sweep areas

Fave Zombie Movie: Shaun of the Dead

Happy Halloween Folks!

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Weapon: Big ass knife

Source of Food: Plants in a backyard too

Source of Water: Fuck, gonna have to go next to the Nile river

Allies (How many): Family & friends, and maybe stranger once we test them a lot

General Strategy (i.e. stealth): Barricade and hide, sweep areas

Fave Zombie Movie: Shaun of the Dead

I mostly agree with you tbh.

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Weapon: Bowie Knife

Source of Food: Tinned Foods from my local supermarket

Source of Water: The rivers and streams from hills nearby me

Allies (How many): The hot slutty redhead neighbor

General Strategy (i.e. stealth): Head for the nearby hills and camp

Fave Zombie Movie: 28 Days Later

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Weapon: My primary weapon would be an AK47(If I can get my hands on one) with a Beretta 9mm as a sidearm. I would also have a machete for close-quarters and possibly if i'm running low on ammo.

Source of Food: Anything I can get my hands on that's edible.

Source of Water: Rain water, rivers, streams, wells, anywhere that has a clean source of water is fine

Allies (How many): Depends, I would say a group of 10 is enough, but I would be more comfortable with a group of 5. Too many people, means overpopulation, which means food supplies would shorten quicker, too many people to look out for, and could lead to infighting between group members.

General Strategy: Stealth and caution, barricade, hide, and sweep

Fave Zombie Movie: Night of the Living Dead

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Weapon: Knife or ASP baton

Food: Fish

Source of Water: Rain water/purify salt water

Allies: Maybe 1, or 2 max.

General Strategy: Get a sail boat, sail to the middle of a body of water. Fish for food, and wait for this whole thing to blow over.

Movie: Return of the Living Dead.

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Weapon: Machete in hand, holstered pistol, shotgun on my back. And if I've got a car, chainsaw's in the trunk

Source of Food: Whatever I can find or hunt. Gotta take a few tips from Daryl Dixon, start munching on squirrels and shit. Daryl never goes hungry

Source of Water: Rain water, plant water and any bottled water I can scavenge, don't know what can get into the lakes and rivers (like zombie corpses) so I'm not touching that shit

Allies: Any hot young chiks I know. Pussy is harder to find post zombie apocalypse if The Walking Dead is anything to go by. Gotta protect the ones you can. And one bonafide bad ass (assuming I knew any), even better if he's a little crazy:

General Strategy: Stay on the move, always on the move. No place can be defended indefinitely and you need to work on that cardio. A moving RV or van would be pretty sweet. Wear padded clothing of some kind if possible, make yourself bite proof. Kill any cowards in the group, they always fuck up everything for everyone. Man up or GTFO. It's the apocalypse, fucking deal with it


Fave Zombie Movie: 28 Weeks later, especially the opening scene with Robert Carlyle


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To me the oft mentioned "Zombie Apocalypse" is, in fact, a metaphor referring to a total collapse of the U.S. economy and resultant societal chaos for which I am prepared.

Weapons: AK-47 (with U.S. compliant semi-automatic receiver); Glock 22 .40 caliber semi-auto pistol; S&W Model 65 .357 magnum revolver; Mosin 91-30 sniper rifle; and sufficient ammunition to last the duration.

Bottled water and dried food to last while defending my townhome in the suburbs. In the event of being unable to continue the defense due to the imminent risk of being overrun I would fall back to my family in the deep rural area where they live.

Rural areas are not much protection against zombies, but in the event of a national economic collapse you want to be as far from urban areas as possible. While not easy to defend against zombies as seen in season 2 of "The Walking Dead," they are much easier to protect against roving criminals, even small gangs.

Given what is going on in the country and the world today, this thread may be more timely than most think!

- Mike

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I would complain about it on the internet. ;)

Honestly, I would die quickly as my health isn't great right now. I like tons of Zombie movies and am torn between the Extebded Mall Hours version of Dawn of the Dead and Fulci's Zombi (2) just for the epic zombie vs shark confrontation. Who hasnt wondered which predator would win in mortal combat against one another? Recently, I have got a kick out of Zombeavers. The REC movies are truly well done too.

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Well, pretty close to me is a large roundabout. On one corner is a massive www.bunnings.com warehouse. It's in a huge carpark with good vision all around. They sell all kinds of tools and wood etc, so you could barricade the hell out of it.

I'm in Australia, so guns are hard to come by, but Bunnings has no shortage of chainsaws, long stabby poles and tools to make bows and arrows and the like. Axes. Hammers.

For water, they sell bulk bottled water, and hundreds of types of large containers for rain collection. There is also a small food shop behind my local one which would also have water, and on the other side of the road is a car wash which would have a huge water storage.

Food would be easy to grow since Bunnings sell garden supplies and planters and equipment of all kinds as well as seeds for almost everything.

They also sell generators for power. Fuel? Well, there's a petrol station just across the car park. There's also a car dealership with all manner of brand new vehicles and the means to maintain them.

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Like Highschool of the Dead, except I'd actually bang the hot chicks I was with and kill the asshole people on sight.

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Weapon: Considering it would be pretty difficult to get my hands on a gun, I'll settle for a baseball bat. I reckon it would get more damage done quicker than a knife.

Source of food: Raid any stores I go past for canned foods.

Source of water: Any rivers that I can find.

Allies: This is a tricky one. I would want to be with all my family and friends, but that number of people is too much when you are sharing short food supplies. I would maybe considering setting off as a lone wolf and picking up some strangers along the way who could be valuable allies.

General strategy: Reach a fairly unpopulated area that had land available to grow crops on.

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I live in the middle of nowhere with no neighbours around, got multiple weapons in the house (bow, shotgun, sword, chainsaw etc) and know how to hunt for food.

Think I'll do just fine while all of you get eaten alive in the cities :rock
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