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How would you have ran WWF from the WCW/ECW invasion angle until now if you were Vince McMahon?
Who would you have brought over to the WWF from both companies?
Who would you have fired?
What stables would you have created?
Who would you have as GM's/comissioners/Owners?
What championships, televsion shows, abd pay per views would you have acquired?

Note: please don't double post.

This is how I would have done it:
- WCW starts to invade WWF by attacking the federation's tallent during Raw and Smackdown telecasts.

WCW's Talent Roster is as follows-
Eric Bischoff, Buff Bagwell, Scot Stiener, Sting, Lex Lugar, Ric Flair, Booker T, Diamond Dallas Paige, Kanyon, Bill Goldberg, Rey Myseterio, Hurricane and the Big Show with Steve Austin, Chris Benoit, and Chris Jericho joining the WCW after.

- ECW talent joins forces with WCW as:
Paul Heyman, The Dudleys, Lance Sotrm, Justin Cradible, Mike Awesome, Raven, Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam joins with WCW

- After WWF beats WCW/ECW at Survivor Series, Eric Bischoff challanges and beats Vince McMahon for 50% ownership of WWF
- Bischoff brings back the NWO (Hollywood, Hall, Nash, Scot Stiener, Buff Bagwell)

-After Wrestlemania, Linda announces brand extention with Bischoff on Raw and Vince on Smackdown

RAW Talent-
Bischoff, NWO, Sting , Lex Lugar, Booker T, DDP, Kanyon Ric Flair, Rock , Triple H, Dudley Boys, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Goldust, William Regal, APA, Steve Austin, RVD, HBK, Tirsh Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Stacey, Teri, Hurricane, Rey Mysterio, Billy Gunn, Chick Polumbo, Spike, Stevie Richards, Test

Smackdown Talent-
Vince, Brock Lesner, Bill Goldberg, Kurt Angle, Tajiri, Lance Storm, Justin Credible, Mike Awesome, Tommy Dreamer, Undertaker, Kane, Edge, Christien, Eddie, Chavo, Matt, Jeff, Maven, Big Show, Chris Nowinski, Al Snow, Rikishi, Tazz, Hardcore Holly, Crash Holly, Molly, Jazz, Jacqueline

RAW Stables
- The Outsiders turn on Hulk Hogan, Scot Stiener, and Buff Bagwell. They join up with HBK to form the Kliq.
- Benoit goes to S.D and Y2J joins with Triple H, Stone Cold, Batista and Ric Flair to form the Horsemen

SD Stables
- Vince, Brock Lesner, Undertaker, Kane, and Rikishi forms Corporate
- Paul Heyman returns with Goldberg, Big Show, Kurt Angle, Mike Awesome, and Chris Benoit as his clients

RAW Championships-
World Heavyweight
Tag Team

SD Championships -
Tag Team

- Eric changes the name of WWF Raw to WCW Nitro once WWF was turned into WWE
- Vince changes Smackdown to Raw once Eirc changes the name.
- Linda informs both owners that they must hire a commissioner and sell half of their shares in the company to another person
- Vince is set up with a buyer and later finds out that it was Linda McMahon. Vince also hires Shane as Commissioner
- Linda tells Vince she wants a divorce and then is hired by Eric as commissioner. Eric and Linda start a love interest and she sells him the 25% of the company that she bought off of Vince. Eric (who now has 75% ownership) fires Linda from the company.
- Linda tries to get back wit hVince but with no privail and Vince introduces her to his new wife Dawn Marie
- Eric introduces the WCW/WWE to the new chairman of the board... Mick Foley!!!
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