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How would you bring CM Punk back?

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Hypothetically, what would be the ideal return for him?

I always preferred Punk as a face for some reason, even though I know he's better off as a heel. I guess it's just me getting older and realizing that heels don't have much of a shelf-life nowadays. The face always wins in the end and that's why I think Punk is better off as a face. However having said all that... for his return, I'd have to do something big and for me...

I would have him return as a heel and take out Daniel Bryan and side with the Authority. Imagine Corporate Punk... :mark: That would be awesome IMO. Punk in a suit, going against everything he stands for and selling his soul tot he devil, just to get to the top of the WWE. That's what Punk always wanted, to be the man. I think this would get major heat but it could also be a massive fail.

Thats just my thoughts guys. And before you Punk haters say "I wouldn't bring him back", in this scenario, Punk HAS to come back and have a big return. So lets keep this one realistic :p

Let me know your thoughts!
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Not a fan of the corporate Punk idea, tbh, it just somewhat kills of a huge part of his intricate and developing character/gimmick throughout his time in the WWE. Punk is known as the biggest anti-establishment guy on the roster, and, while it may produce quite a bit of heat, I think it would just be nonsensical and may hurt Punk in the long run.

I'd just have him return as a face, and issue a challenge to someone like Bryan.
You could always turn him back to the fair.

Punk never keeps the same look and gimmick for long. I could see him being for this storyline if it got him in a Wrestlemania main event which is what he's always dreamed of.

It's hard to believe that he's never main evented a Wrestlemania. He really did deserve it.
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You pretty much severely limited what anyone can even reply with by saying that.

So basically if we don't come up with some massive return, you're a hater?

I don't think Punk has to be big if he comes back. Imo he shouldn't be. He's not in great shape, was getting stale, and was given MANY opportunities at the top already. He almost never wasn't at the top.

I don't think he should be if he does return simply because he left. In fact specifically because he left the way he did is a reason he shouldn't be up there again.

Nothing to do with hate either, I would say this about any wrestler who left under those circumstances.
That's not really what I was implying. I just didn't want to see responses like "Have him return and job to Heath Slater in 20 seconds" for example. I wanted realistic responses if you get me

But fair enough if you think that. However Punk is a big draw and the fans are cheering out for his name. If he came back, the fans would demand him to be in the main event. If theres money to be made and good TV to be watched, why punish the fans? Yeah Punk left but only cause he disagreed with the direction he was going in. You can't blame him for that
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