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How would the NWO storyline have played out?

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I'm starting to watch some old videos of Raw from back in 2002when the NWO were around. After Scott Hall has been fired. You had Shawn Micheals make a big return as leader, Kevin Nash, X-Pac and Big Show. With Booker T filling in briefly before getting kicked out. But I tend to wonder how things were supposed to end up. I mean, X-Pac got injured or something, and was out of action before he got released. Kevin Nash tore his quad, and Big Show had been kicked out or something like that. But before Kevin's departure, HBK was trying to get Triple H to join NWO. So how do you think things would have played out for this storyline? Would HHH have joined NWO, and then we'd have HHH, HBK and Kevin Nash as group. Maybe Evolution might not have been formed and NWO would have been in it's place instead. With HHH as World Champion, Kevin Nash and HBK as Tag Champions and proberly someone else would be brought in. Maybe X-Pac might have returned and fought for the Intercontental Championship. Anyway it's just something i've thought about for a while.
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NWO would still work today!!! Bring it back!!!
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