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How to turn AJ Lee babyface again. Contains *SPOILER* from SmackDown taping.

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After Vickie's announcement on RAW that AJ will be defending her title against all of the Divas at WrestleMania, (INCLUDING Tamina, and now combine that with the fact that at tonight's SmackDown taping, Tamina officially turned on her) this means now that AJ has no one left at her side. She's all by her lonesome. So what's left to do? I say turn her face again.

She's the most popular diva on the roster by far, and is one the top selling merch figures, Diva or otherwise. Combine with the fan following she has (Not the creepy ones, mind you), and also add in the fact that AJ is a little tiny person, it seems only natural now to officially cheer her on as a babyface.

And I thought of a way to do it: AJ's already at unfavorable odds going into WrestleMania, considering the fact that all of the divas in that match hate her guts and want to beat her ass, and she doesn't have to be pinned to lose the total. She's an underdog in every sense of the meaning.

So about on this upcoming RAW, with it being the go home show and all, you have AJ be involved in some kind of multi-diva match of some sort, and she gets pinned yet again. And after the match, why not have someone (like Renee Young or somebody) go into the ring to interview AJ and ask for her thoughts for what's happened lately, and what will happen going into WrestleMania.

At this point, viewers should notice something different about AJ's demeanor: gone is the cocky, sassy arrogant champ that taunts her opponents. Now in that place instead is a lonely woman, saddened and distraught.

With that hurt in her heart, AJ can instead turn that into motivation, and proceeds to cut a fiery and impassioned promo, in it she actually admits and owns up to some of the horrendous things she's done to some people over the past 2 years, but now wants to put it behind her and start a new leaf, or something to that effect. She puts over the fact that she helped give Tamina an opportunity to become relevant again, and this is the thanks she gets? She lets it be known that for almost 300 days, she has faced every obstacle and every challenger, and has turned them all away one by one.

She can say that she has waited her whole life to do this, and since she was 12 years old, has put in the hard work, the blood, the sweat, the tears, and has busted her ass over these past 15 years to make her dreams and her goals a reality. She can explain that she has scratched and clawed and fought her way to her spot, and is not going to let anyone - whether it be a traitorous friend or a bunch of reality star wannabes - take that away from her.

The odds may be stacked against her, but AJ will let it be known that at WrestleMania, if she's going down, she's going down swinging as a fighting champion.

Share with me your thoughts on that hypothetical scenario.
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As an AJ fan, I love your idea. AJ should be face again and even if she drops the title at WM (which I feel she should to build some legitimate competitors) the story can progress with her as a face. The promo you mentioned would certainly build her back up as a face and there is a lot of truth behind it.

However, giving my faith in how the Divas have been booked, I expect a heel AJ to drop the belt to a "Total Diva" so they can promote the show.

With the exception of AJ and Tamina, the only other divas on the main roster that can throw together a compelling feud are Naomi, Summer, or Emma. In all honestly, all the other Divas are boring generic divas.
Very nice. Well thought out and makes sense. Hope something like this happens, instead of the "everyone beat up the heel champion and someone take her title" scenario we are headed for.
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