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IMO you push forward with an Ultra Reigns push. Put the Rock in his corner for WM31 and have him act as a trainer for Roman (Like Apollo Creed for Rocky). You need some type of swerve involving Heyman or the Authority so the WWE can logically turn him heel.

I might start with a few weeks prior to WM we see Heyman talking to Reigns. Nothing comes of it.

During the match we see Reigns concentrating on Brocks ribs. Reigns gives some type of nod to Heyman during the match. As Reigns is destroying Heyman, Paul walks to the back and walks back out with HHH.

Reigns pins Lesnar.... Seth runs out and cashes in the briefcase. HHH trips Seth and Reigns pins him as well.

Reigns walks off and celebrates with the Rock.

If the fans don't buy Reigns as the Champ and as a face in two weeks. We let the backstory unravel.

Brock's ribs were still injured and Paul gave Roman a heads up. During the WM Main Event we focus on the conversation between Paul and Roman and Roman says he's in.

When Heyman went to the back he did it to let HHH know that Roman was in. Stephanie unaware sent out Seth to cash in the MITB.

Now Reigns is the corporate heel with Heyman as his mouth piece. Seth is the underdog who injured Lesnar and got his shot stolen.

Reigns can turn on the Rock and say Blood is thicker then water but its not thicker than Gold.

This could set up Rock v. Reigns at WM32
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