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Ok, here is a little game plan I just thought of.

Part One
Bring back the MEM as faces to stop the corrupt Immortals group. First off, have MEM stand their ground with Steiner or whoever as the leader (maybe Angle?). Establish that MEM is here to protect TNA this time around, not destroy it.

Part Two
Have the younger talent, or anyone who is alienated by Immortals take notice of MEM. Have them do promos or candid shots where they go the leader of MEM and ask for a favor (help them in a situation with MEM, convince Dixie to grant a title shot, etc.) Have MEM help out all these guys. Establish MEM as a "Robin Hood-esque" hero group. The main thing here is to really show that they are "Godfathers". Have the leader of MEM send them out to take care of their own business as well (in return Do not always make MEM wrestle matches. They can interfere on another's behalf, but there should be no main-focus singles feuding going on.

Part Three
As the non-Immortals talent are gaining momentum, have them slowly start joining MEM and rising up the ranks. This part im not so sure how to do, but I would have a big promo where the MEM just explains to the other guys that to survive in wrestling you have to hold your own, and explain to them thats what they came back for. Have MEM take a silent leave, but acknowledge how much they helped TNA. Elevate the younger guys, and carry on.
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