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How to logically book following tonights show. *Will contain spoilers for 'they'*

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okay, so if you're in here, i'm hoping you already know that 'they' are infact fortune, minus Flair and Rob Terry.

Basically, the plot for this story has collapsed inwards on itself, i've been a fan of TNA for nearly 3 years, and though they're famed for incredibly ludicrous booking, this is just insane..
I'd try to turn the story and indeed just let it die.

Show opens with Styles, Kaz and Beer Money, they explain how they're sick of people joining Tna, getting paid 10 times that they do, and adding nothing to the product, they saw what was happening to Kurt, who is one of the only talents aqquired to actually add something and decided its gone too far. They're sick of groups taking over Tna, they're sick of beatdowns, but most of all they're sick of bischoff.

Show begins with a knockouts lumberjill match, with Angelina defeating madison for the knockouts title belt, when Tara innadvertantly costs Rayne the match, causing the (final) split up of that alliance, Velvet would celebrate with Angelina, Winter would snap and attack her, leading to Winter vs Velvet at AAO. And then on to an Angelina-Winter fued, similar to Trish-Mickie.

Next up is a backstage promo with Eric Bischoff trying to regroup immortal, with an inconsolable jeff hardy, a matt hardy screaming of broken promises, and Rob Terry and Flair basically condemning the group, with hogan still nowhere to be found.

Next match is an x-divison match, with the triumphant return of Christopher Daniels(rumor is they've resigned him). This puts him into the x-division number one contendership match that will happen at against all odds.

Jay lethal and the machine guns are shown backstage, shaking hands with Aj styles, and agreeing to have his back.

Counterwise, another bischoff viginette is shown, with him and Jarrett trying to recruit people for Immortal, People like the Bucks would be fine with it, and teams like Ink inc would turn them down for a face pop. This would eventually end up with a roster split, 50/50 heels and faces, heels with bischoff and faces with Styles/Angle/Anderson.

Scott steiner cuts a promo against ric flair, talking about how immortals run out of steam, and how the young guys are finally prooving they're ready to become main eventers.

Pope ends up joining immortal, as the speaker and new face, after becoming jaded with his congregation as a result of joe. In a knee jerk reaction, Joe signs up for the other side, though he's not the kind of guy who'd cut promo's with them, so i'd have him as an anti hero, taking down immortal one member at a time.

Then you'd have Morgan-Hernandez, this would largely be filler, after the match, whats left of immortal would come out, and try to attack morgan, but he'd fend all of them off, this would lead immortal to the recruitment drive i spoke of earlier.

The main event would end up as Angle/Anderson/Aj vs Jeff Hardy/Matt Hardy and Jeff Jarrett. The conclusion of the match would include RVD seemingly coming out to allign himself with the 'good guys' but instead costing them the match, (in what i might add is the only non clean finish i've posted..).
He'd then cut a promo about how money truly talks, Bischoff realised that what he had wasn't enough. So he's paid RVD off to join immortal.

I in no way think that this story is great, i'm simply trying to make the best of whats gone on in the mental head of one Vince Russo.

Thoughts and opinions?
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this is awful. but at least i lmao when i read "Scott steiner cuts a promo against ric flair, talking about how immortals run out of steam, and how the young guys are finally prooving they're ready to become main eventers." and next you have Angle/Anderson/Aj vs Jeff Hardy/Matt Hardy and Jeff Jarrett - new blood going main event right there lolol

you should try selling it to russo he likes this plot holes and clusterf***

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Sounds like a standard TNA clusterfuck to me. I like it.

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Break up the Stables. They need to slowly start putting guys back in to their respective divisions, and focus on building storylines for those divisions as a whole with its group of contenders. Not have the stables and its members and sotryline overlapping mutliple divisions. Just build the X-Division back with 6+ guys and have those guys only have a storyline within that group of people. Same thing with the heavy weight title and TV title. Us the TV title spot as a path to elevate guys into the heavyweight contendership. And same with X-Division guys into TV title spot. Just build a nice clean simple tiered system of belts and groups of wrestlers. Onyl create fueds between wrestlers in separate divisions in the process of getting someone up to the next level.

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Vince Russo this, Vince Russo that.

As long as Flair & Terry is not with Fortune... I'm fine with it. Immortal/Fortune got confusing at times.

Would I've liked to see the Main Event Mafia in some form? Yep... but at least four TNA originals get their time to shine in the sun.

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If Spike TV want MEM vs Immortal so bad then FINE!!

Just re-arrange the teams like so;
Immortal-Hardys, Rob Terry, Jarrett, Heranandez, Pope, Bischoff,Hogan, Flair
MEM-Matt Morgan, Angle, Steiner, Anderson, Joe, RVD, AJ,Crimson, foley

Fourtune are disbanded for their safety (though really its to pick up the pieces in case Immortal don't win), because gang warfare is coming back hard on the way to Lockdown 2011

both stables agree to a Lethal Lockdown Showdown in April so everything will build up to that

KAZ is backstage and announces that with Abyss gone he can keep the TV title and announces a match later tonight to determine who will face him at AAO for the XTV title but first will get some payback for his big buddy Abyss on the man who downed him

Winning Team gets Tag Title shot and losing team must disband
KyOkada vs Gen Me
Gen Me are split and The Japs win

Non Title match
KAZ vs Crimson whom is carrying Janice with him
Crimson catches KAZ off guard, KAZ tries to use Janice, gets blocked the tables have turned Crimson threatens to use Janice and gets DQed because of it and escorted from the arena

Chris Sabin is interviewed backstage, saying that Shelly is on the shelf but will keep the teams spirit alive to grab the first ever XTV title

Amazing Red vs Kendrick vs Jay Lethal vs Sabin vs Robbie E vs Doug Williams with Magnus, Manager At Large, Elimination Match winner faces KAZ at AAO
Doug wins

Angelina and Mickie James w/Winter and Velvet vs Madison Rayne and Sarita with Tara
Anglina cant keep her friends off eachother leaving Mickie open to get triple teamed to then point of injury

Bully ray is live from South Philly claims that at AAO he will take Devon to Brotherville for a Street Fight like no other

Main Event Of The Evening
Ink Inc vs Beer Money Inc for the tag Team titles in a Tag Team Bar Room Brawl
BMI win after a brutal exchange and chug the whole bar in celebration

AAO card so far:
BMI vs KyOkada for the tag team titles
KAZ vs Doug for the XTV title
Bully vs Devon in a Brotherville Street Fight
Foley has challenged Hogan to a fight

Next Week:
Velvet Sky has challenged Winter to a match
The first Ever BMI Continental Cultural festival in honor of their new challengers
Devon will also be heading to South Philly next week for a walk down memory road
Max and Jeremy will be forced to face eachother in one on one competition
The Champion Anderson will speak on his next title defense
Interestingly enough... a tag team challenge between ink Inc and The Hardys and
Undoubtably More War Of Words between Immortal and the Mafia as we countdown to the ultimate Lockdown Showdown(of ultimate destiny)
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