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How They Should Push Sin Cara

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Sin Cara if he is going to be on the Smackdown brand, I would debut him as a face and I would put him & Mysterio together as a tag team and have them become WWE Unified Tag Team Champions after just a few months of teaming together and then as soon as they lose the WWE Unified Tag Team Titles, then I would create some dissention between the team, and then after Sin Cara turns on Mysterio therefore turning heel
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I'd like to see him pushed as a giant killer. Bring him in and have him work up a lengthy undefeated streak - like Goldberg, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. The difference in this case would be that he isn't a monster like they were; he is a much smaller worker who would seemingly overcome the odds consistently. If you gave him the risk taking, 'afraid of nobody' attitude that Jeff Hardy had (especially in 2002, when he faced Undertaker) it would certainly get the younger kids behind him.
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