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How many years do you think Kane has left?

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Theres a gallery of images on wwe.com, marking 15 years since Kane's debut. The guy is 45 now. How much longer can you see him wrestling? The guy is a workhorse, he works house shows and tv tapings as I'm sure you all know. Perhaps he will reduce his schedule to just TV tapings in the future.

Would be weird watching WWE TV without Kane, in my opinion!
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I can really see Kane going another 5 years, I cant remember him having any big injuries, he seems to be able to go at a better level then the other guys who came around in the same era, like Big Show and Undertaker, not really show many signs of slowing down that much. I think he could go 5 more years but i think he'll be gone before that, he wont want to be one of those guys that sticks around when his time haspasted.
He's got plenty of time left, since his masked return he's looked better than ever. I wouldn't mind them reducing his workload after a few more years though, he'd become more over, in a similar fashion to the undertaker.
I heard in a recent interview he was starting to sit in on production meetings so I guess he's starting to think about retiring from the ring. I would have said a year or two max, but maybe this recent storyline has given him a new imputes to carry on for longer.
Dunno really.

He can probably have a lot of more matches, and yeah, maybe even for 5 more years...
But it depends, really. Does he want to? He has political aspirations...

Then again, he is a true company man.
"Look, Glen, we think that we can get the Kane character to be at least half as over as the Undertaker character now. It would be great if you could stay for a while longer."

I imagine that he would accept.
We agree with 11rob2k - about another five years. At 50, he'll struggle to get about as well as he does now, injuries will take their toll and not everyone is Ric Flair are they!
not everyone is Ric Flair are they!
Thank God!

i can see him going for another 10 years believe it or not
I guess something like 5 years. but the most important is how will he spend his last years? in some stupid angles and mid-card fueds, or will we see (hopefully!!!) the good and old Kane, at least for 1 more year? I feel WWE must give him at least one last mega-push, including a great title reign. that's how I want him to finish his carreer.
He's got a few years left. But I hope that he goes out on top rather than staying around for nothing's sake. I hate it when wrestlers do that, it just overshadows their career.
I think he has maybe another 2/years left in him. I would imagine wwe would give him an easier schedule to work eventually
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