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How long would a late night talk show last on the WWE Network

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like the Tonight Show...with a wrestler as host, interviewing actors, artists, musicians, and former/current superstars, having comedy segments/skits etc...

It doesn't have to be every night, maybe a few times a week, but i think it will boil down to who would be the host

i see a few possible candidates:

Roddy Piper (Already has the credentials and experience doing talk segments with Piper's Pit)

Edge ( has the look for it with the new haircuit; Christian could be part time sidekick and make occasional appearances)

Hulk Hogan (This is something i can see him coming back for)

Shawn Michaels (would probably only work if he enjoys being in the role)

JBL (another superstar with the talk show host look, he's well on the mic)

Steve Austin (like Michaels, would probably not work if he's not into it)

Who would you like hosting such a show? Do you see it getting popular?
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Wouldnt last very long. Late Night shows on network television with bigger D-List celebrities dont do very well. Wrestling and wrestlers are very niche. I think McMahon may be overreaching with this network.
Piper and JBL are the only ones there who can entertainment out of this kinds of shows.

Austin hosting would only be fun if he beats someone up every show.
A late night version of Pipers Pit would be my choice to be honest.
A late night version of Pipers Pit would be my choice to be honest.
Agreed, as long as he had freedom with the show. If it was absolutely watered down, then it probably wouldn't be THAT good. But calling the shots... Good lord, how great would that be?
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