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When Bill Goldberg first one the Heavyweight Championship of the World. The Televisions go off air with the NWO (Hall, Nash, Scot Stiener and Buff Bagwell) racing down to the ring and beating up on a defensless Hollywood Hulk Hogan for losing the belt. The next week on Nitro, the cameras take us to the Hospital where we get an update on Hogan's condition. Goldberg continues to defend his championship for the months heading into Starrcade as Hogan is not heard of. Upon Stings return after a hiatus from WCW; he and Goldberg begin to fued with the NWO.
At World War Three, Kevin Nash wins the Number 1 contendership against Goldberg at the upcoming pay per view, Starrcade. Eric Bishoff becomes the President of WCW and calls the championship match a No DQ contest. Bill Goldberg loses the championship and his winning streak to Nash after the NWO race to the ring and attack Goldberg and Sting. When the match is all over and the champion is declaired the "American Made" music hits and Red and Yellow puffs of smoke with Pyro explode as the Hulkster is reborn and comes down to the aid of his frient Sting and the man he lost the championship to...Goldberg. Hogan attacks the NWO as they leave the ring and the Pay Per View Ends.
The New year kicks off as Hulk Hogan, Sting, and Bill Goldberg join forces to tackle Hall, Nash, Stiener, and Bagwell. With Superbrawl arising Hulk Hogan finds himself with a championship match against Nash leading into the Main Event. Bischoff signs it to a steel cage match. That night, Bagwell and Stiener become tag team champions. Diamond Dallas defeats Scot Hall for the United States Championship and Booker T loses the Television Championship to Jeff Jarret. Ric Flair makes a return to WCW and the reformation of the Horsemen with DDP Bret Hit Man Hart, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit. In the Superbrawl Main Event, Hulk Hogan shocks the world when he battles the odds and defeats Kevin Nash and the rest of the invading NWO stars who entered the cage for the WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World. After the Match Hogan, Sting, and Goldberg celebrated when the Macho Man's Music starts and Randy Savage comes down to the ring. The PPV ends with Randy, Hogan, Sting, and Goldberg joining forces again, this time the group is called the powers that be!!!!

more to come....
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