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How good was Cole's ankle lock???

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Sorry for another Cole thread but I have never laughed so hard watching WWE, Cole is the funniest motherfucker I ever seen in wrestling..

As soon as the show started with him in the cole mine I lost my shit, his dancing and ripping on JR had me in stitches, I totally marked out when he applied the ankle lock, he is brilliant.

Once again sorry just had to get it out there..
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Not sure what will happen after Mania, I just assume Lawler is on his way out.

I don't know why Lawler and his son hate each other, there was no explanation really from Lawler just said that he was a disgrace.

I really hope they show a training montage with Cole and Swagger, that will be some funny shit.. Do u reckon Cole will tone down his charachter after wrestlemania??
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