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How exactly is the new tough enough going to be?

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I'm not sure how many of you saw the tough enough from the past, particular the first 3 seasons, but it was basically run like a mix version of the Real World and American Idol. They have all of these average joes (ordinary people like you and me) compete to become a WWE suerstar. I believe it was a certain age limit you had to be to be able to try out for tough enough. The people who made the top 12 stayed in this big house where each week someone gets elimanted. Now all of this was based on reality. All the training and everything else that was saw on screen was real I belive for the most part I believe.

But what I wanna know is how exactly is the show gonna be run this time? How are they determining who is gonna be a contestant on the show? I remember the first 2 seasons of tough enough they had audtions to be on the shows months in advance to determine who would be the contestants. I see this past Raw they announced Miss USA Rama Fakihah as the first contestant. I'm guessing the WWE is picking the contestant and I'm also gonna guess that none of them will be from FCW as that will defeat the whole purpose of the show?

So does anybody know exactly how the show is going to be run?
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I'd assume they'd run it as you said, with regualr joes, if they did it with FCW guys, than it's pretty much just NXT. So I think it will be actual tough enough.
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