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How do you want the WWE Championship to be booked through the summer? What are your suggestions? What are your hopes? Discuss below.

Here is mine. Its pretty detailed, but I just got absorbed in my little fantasy haha.

Following Over the Limit...

1) Before No Way Out, I would have a Punk-Bryan rematch on Raw. Would be refreshing as it would mean Cena would not be in the main event. AJ would interfere. This would result in a disqualification, and would further advance the triadic dynamic between Punk, Bryan & AJ.

2) No Way Out: The previous interference from AJ would result in the stipulation of a cage match to fit the theme of the gimmick PPV. However, Kane would interfere and rip the door off the cage, reminiscent of his debut. He would demolish both Punk and Bryan during an amazing match between the two. I would have Kane chokeslam Bryan, but chokeslam Punk through the ring. This enables Punk to crawl under the ring, allowing him to retain the WWE Championship by escaping.

3) Money In The Bank: It would be a triple threat between Punk, Bryan and Kane. Punk would retain by pinning Kane. This would mean Kane putting Punk over, and Bryan would not look bad by again not winning the WWE Championship.

4) Summerslam: Kane would now be dropped from the feud between Punk and Bryan, allowing them to have a final classic at Summerslam, the supposed no#2 PPV. There would be no controversial finish to this match, it would be clean. It would culminate in Bryan winning the WWE Championship.

What I deem to be the advantages of this layout are...

+ Throughout the feud Bryan would be built up to become a credible and legitimate main-eventer. In each of his losses, he would look strong and will not have lost fairly. Furthermore, it would culminate in him becoming the WWE Champion at Summerslam in a classic match, which should be a further sign that he would be a legit. main-eventer.
+ I believe the involvement of Kane and AJ, along with the history between Punk and Bryan, would create an interesting feud with many dynamics, and it would create an element of unpredictability.
+ Many may doubt Kane's in-ring ability, but he has always been a solid worker, and a triple threat between him, Punk and Bryan would still be very entertaining.


Subsequent to summer, Bryan could feud with several contenders, e.g. Cena, Orton, Christian, etc. I would eventually have Bryan lose the title to Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. The prospect of that match is unlikely, but one can dream.
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