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How do you feel about Ted Dibiase as a talker, when you consider him among the greats?

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I'm kind of wondering this as sometimes I do feel that Ted Dibiase, often get's forgotten about when people are discussing their favourite mic workers, you hear about The Rock, Piper, Flair etc... the most, which is all very valid, however I do feel sometimes that Ted Dibiase, kinda of gets lost in the wind, even though for me personally, he was one of the greatest talkers to grace the mic.

I feel that Ted Dibiase is a rare breed, simply because he is just a great, great all rounder, fantastic in the ring, fantastic at the gimmick, charisma through the roof and could talk for England .... the dude was just very special, though I do feel that sometimes his mic work, is a little forgotten about, hence why I wanted to make this thread.

What are your thoughts on Dibiase as a mic worker, favourite promo's of Dibiase, what is your favourite quote from the Million Dollar Man? ... I would love to hear some thoughts and vibes here and share some memories too?

Doesn't matter if this is WWE, Mid South Wrestling ... anything from Dibiase's career when it comes to the mic work, I'd love to hear .... feel free to link any video's too as that would be very cool.

So thoughts and vibes in regards to Dibiase on the mic ... would love to hear some thoughts and vibes from you guys :)
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He and Jake Roberts are very underrated.
Ted is up there for sure....

Jake Roberts underrated? Maybe by the general forum posters but not around here.

My favorite heel talkers of the territorial era no particular order:
Jake Roberts, Ted DiBiase, Roddy Piper, Jerry Lawler, Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, Nick Bockwinkel, Buddy Rose, Austin Idol, Dream Machine, Masked Superstar, Michael Hayes, Terry Funk, Randy Savage, Masked Assassin #1
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