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How do I sticky?

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If I've bought the sticky feature, how do I sticky?
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I believe you scroll down and look to the right till you see "Moderator Options" and choose stick/unstick thread.
^^^That is how you do it, in theory.

I tested this with Nitemare a little while back. There was some problem with using the sticky feature and I can't remember when it was fixed or not. If you can't get it to work, your best bet would probably be to post the thread as normal and PM a mod with the link to it.

Of course, you'll have to catch them in a good mood.
Burnt Freak bought one a while ago and he had trouble with it as well. I also bought one to try to help him but it messed around with my options. If you don't have any luck getting it to work, let one of the staff know and we'll be able to sticky it for you. I have a feeling it'll be your 1,000,000 thread. Am I wrong?
No, I don't remember. I do remember you fixing one aspect of it, because when we were trying it I had all the moderator options, not just the sticky option, but you made that right. Not sure if you got bored or if there wasn't time.

I find it a little concerning that I can't remember whether you fix it, but can remember that mid-way through the whole thing I went and ate some chilli.
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